Plant-Based Sports Nutrition is designed to utilize every component in our foods to allow us to excel in sports performance. We do not demonize carbohydrates, proteins, or fats like many trendy diets these days. We focus on Plant-Based Whole Foods as the pillars of solid nutrition. We avoid processed carbohydrates and all animal based foods because of the long term damage that they cause on our bodies, as well as the acidic environment they create which is a known breeding ground for many types of cancers. Just like our training, we want our foods to be constantly varied. We want to reach for a wide variety of colors for fruits and vegetables to get the most nutritional benefit. Plant-based Whole Foods contain every macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient that we need, including all essential amino acids, fatty acids, as well as all necessary vitamins and minerals to thrive. With the PlantFit approach, you can increase energy and vitality, decrease body fat, build lean muscle mass, and have the clarity of mind to take on any challenge.


“Eat beans and vegetables, nuts and seeds, moderate fruit and grains, little starch and sugar. Adjust levels accordingly to support exercise but not bodyfat.” -Ed Bauer


The Evidence for a Vegan Diet

The McGovern Report

The story behind the first U.S. dietary guidelines explains why to this day the decades of science supporting a more plant-based diet have yet to fully translate into public policy.

I posted this video because I want everyone to think about where their information comes from. The Carrot, Lentil, and Broccoli associations of this country don’t have that much pull 😉

5 Comments on “Nutrition”

  1. Barney Mercer says:


    I’m a vegan crossfitter and I’ve just attended the level1 trainers course. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the zone diet and how to adapt to a plant based lifestyle?


    • edbauerfit says:

      I’m a big fan of Zone Diet parameters. I do bump up carbs and drop fat post workout, and also drop carbs at night time. Besides those two specifics, I do aim for balanced protein, carbs, and fats at all other meals.

  2. Kait says:

    Haha! I love the nod to Glassman’s original Paleo-esq quote. As another vegan Crossfit coach and Nutritionist I am happy to see others really living their beliefs in plain sight. Keep up the good work!

  3. Roxane says:

    What are the 2 different protien powers you put in your morning smoothie?

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