Getting Started

Email with a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for regarding training and/or nutrition. From there, we will schedule a time with you to come take a tour of the gym. From there, we can figure out a plan of action with one of the options we offer. These are as follows:

Personal Training

This is one on one training with a program developed specifically for you. Your goals, experience, specific timeline and any limitations will be considered.

Group Classes

This is the raddest part of NewEthic for sure. Classes are a killer place to get motivated, have accountability but also super fun and always a great workout. The classes offered are:

  • PowerBuild – The focus is strength and muscle mass gains, as well as advancing in the sport of Powerlifting. Classes are one hour.
  • CrossTrain – This is for those that want to advance in the sport of functional fitness. This class will develop technique and strength in gymnastics movements, Olympic weightlifting, and cardiovascular conditioning. Classes are one hour.
  • CardioBurn – This class is for those that want to burn fat as efficiently as possible. Get ready to sweat! Classes are 30 minutes.


Vegan Biz: We offer a 15% off discount to anyone who works for a vegan business, and 25% off for anyone who owns and operates a vegan business.

Animal Heroes: We offer a 15% discount for those who volunteer with animal rescues or animal rights organizations as a thank you for all that you do for our furry and feathered friends!

Human Heroes: We offer a 15% discount for Military, Nurses, Doctors, and Firefighters as a thank you for what you do for humans!