Getting Started

To get started:

Send an email to From there, Ed will plan an intake call to gather information. Please consider these questions. Do you want to build strength and muscle? Do you want to lose fat? Do you want to build muscle AND lose fat? Do you want to increase skill and performance? Do you want to increase mobility? Do you want to learn how to be fit while eating a plant-based diet? Then we will schedule a free week of training to get started.

Here are the available offerings:

Zoom or Local Personal Training, $30 for 30 minute Sessions.

This is one on one training with a program developed specifically for you. Your goals, experience, specific timeline and any limitations will be considered.

CrossTrain Group Classes, $10 Day or $100 Monthly Unlimited

This is for the local community in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the general Hampton Roads area. Classes are a great place to get motivated, meet some friends, have accountability, are super fun, and always a great workout. The class is for everyone that wants to advance in overall fitness. This class will develop technique and strength in bodyweight movements, weightlifting, and cardiovascular conditioning. This class has lots of variety and lasts one hour.

Zoom Online Group Classes, $10 Day

This class focuses on strengthening muscles and challenging your cardiovascular system. Minimal equipment is needed. Classes are one hour.

Personalized Training Plan, $30

This is a customized workout plan designed around your goals and schedule. It includes an outline of the exercises, easy-to-follow instructions, and specific numbers of sets and repetitions to follow. It is written in a user-friendly format so that anyone regardless of experience, can follow it to success.

Vegan Macro + Meal Plan $50

This is a customized Macronutrient and Calorie Plan, as well as a sample meal plan, to help you reach your goals. The price is $50. The suggestions will be for both weight training days and non-weight training days. These are designed to be repeated as often as necessary based on your exercise schedule. This information is good for a lifetime, but small tweaks per mesocycle are recommended (every 4 weeks or so).

Full Package Training and Meal Plan Bundle $75

A combination of both the Personalized Training Plan and the Vegan Macro + Meal Plan together for a discounted rate.


Vegan Biz: We offer a 15% off discount to anyone who works for a vegan business, and 25% off for anyone who owns and operates a vegan business.

Animal Heroes: We offer a 15% discount for those who volunteer with animal rescues or animal rights organizations as a thank you for all that you do for our furry and feathered friends!

Human Heroes: We offer a 15% discount for Military, Nurses, Doctors, and Firefighters as a thank you for what you do for humans!