Vladislav Davidzon

Few people have impacted my life as significantly as Ed Bauer. I
spent five years training one-on-one with him, three times each week
at his New Ethic Gym in Oakland, and his coaching dramatically
improved the quality of my life in very profound and measurable ways.

Ed has coached me with extraordinary competency, deep humility, and
seemingly unlimited patience. As a result, I significantly improved
across a wide range of metrics, completely changed the way I eat, and
built significant strength, while entirely avoiding any serious

When we first met, I couldn’t do a single pullup when we first met and
barely ran a mile.  Now five mile runs have became a daily norm and I
can do the Murph workout with its 100 pushups / 200 pull-ups / 300
squats while wearing a 20lb vest, bench 63% more than when I had
started, and have hit numerous other goals.  These metrics were
entirely unimaginable and seemed super-human to me before our time
together; now they’re literally just routine.

I was vegan for many years before meeting Ed, but I had no idea how
poorly I was eating at the time, with all the excess sugar in my diet
and idiotically low protein and fat. I was struggling with all sorts
of health challenges and had very low energy. Within only a couple
months as I made the macro-nutrient ratio change Ed taught me, I
suddenly felt a huge jump in my energy levels which only kept getting
better as the years kept going.

If you’re thinking about training with Ed Bauer, contact him this
moment, right now, and start your journey.   The only thing that will
dramatically improve when you train with Ed is your entire life.
Highly recommended.


Caris Rodriguez

I started going to NewEthic back in February after recovering from ankle surgery. My workouts had to be modified because I couldn’t run or jump. Ed did great at watching out for me. As time passed, I started getting stronger and stronger. Ed pushed me to be better and knew I had it in me to get it done. I won September’s Challenge for most fat loss and muscle gain by eating clean whole plant foods, lifting, and training for a marathon. Not only was I getting the training I needed, I got lots of advice on what foods to eat for different kinds of training. I have gained a level of strength that I don’t remember having in more than a decade. As of right now, I can deadlift 255 pounds and squat 205 pounds  The best part is that getting stronger brought a lot of benefits: less stress, more confidence and happiness. Because of NewEthic, I will pursue further training in Olympic Lifting and continue running marathons. Whoever gets to work with Ed Bauer is one lucky person!

Caris Rodriguez Pic

Jen Rosenthal

When I started group fitness classes with Ed at NewEthic I was looking, in part, to get in shape for my wedding. What I found was a warm community of friendly, encouraging, non-judgemental folks. They made it easy to stay motivated and on track for my goals while having a ton of fun doing it.

Ed is a knowledgeable professional that made me confident to try new movements and lifts I had never before attempted. He takes time to explain and demonstrate optimal form and continue to monitor progress as you get stronger. This ensures that proper form is maintained and injuries are avoided.

By my wedding I had dropped my BMI by over 2% and had definition in muscles I didn’t even know I had. At the same time I maintained a feminine physique that I wanted as a bride. All this while getting great advice on achieving results on a plant-based diet…makes NewEthic my perfect gym.


copyright Jim and Ravyn Photographers

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