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So what are the possible paths to getting you closer to your goals?! Let’s break the process down!

  1. The Intake (AKA Step One): Email with a bit about yourself, what you’re looking for regarding training and one of our coaches will respond as soon as possible with times and dates to set up an intake. In the intake, we will tour the space so you get familiar with the equipment and feel more comfortable in the space. We’ll take some time to answer any questions you might have and go over a quick questionnaire to let us know a bit more about you. During this time, we will find the best option for you to get started in the NewEthic community! Since none of us like to go into things blindly, here are the options we offer:

One on One Personal Training, Semi Private Training, Group Classes and Foundations as well as Open Gym.

A. One on One Personal Training: You’ll be training with Ed, individually to focus on the goals specific to you, to dig into something you’ve been wanting to give special attention or to get started if you’d rather not start in classes. This is sliding scale from 75$ to 85$ per session.

B. Group Classes: This is the raddest part of NewEthic for sure. Classes are a killer place to get motivated, have accountability but also hella fun and always a great workout. Community is our favorite part of NewEthic so of course group is our favorite part too! We have several options ranging from Unlimited Class Access to Punch Cards with a wide range of prices and we will always try accommodate any budget. Are you an athlete with experience in powerlifting/weightlifting/crossfit? Email to get started! {{NOTE: Our unlimited class packages INCLUDE open gym during non class hours.}} Not quite ready to jump right in?! No worries! We’ve got a solution for that too!

C. Foundations: This is where the vast majority of our athletes start. This twelve session course will teach you the foundational movements you’ll use during group classes here. Foundations at NewEthic is held during regularly scheduled classes three days a week (see *LINK* SCHEDULE) where you’ll get to learn in the supportive, fun, energized environment with other athletes of various experience levels. In each class, you’ll warm up with the Foundations group as well as the regular class, then a coach will stay with you and the Foundations folks to help you learn and adapt/modify the programming to fit you, your needs and find the best way for YOU to perform the movements. You’ll start with a group of up to five beginning athletes that will all learn together over the twelve sessions, but you’ll also have the support of the community and the examples from other more experienced athletes in class. You’ll have six weeks to complete this at your own pace and able to schedule what works best for you. At the end of four to six weeks, you’ll be all ready to jump into any classes you’d like! Foundations is 150$ for the full course.


Vegan Biz: We offer a 10% off discount to anyone who works for a vegan business, and 15% off for anyone who owns or operates a vegan business.

Animal Heroes: We offer a 10% discount for those who volunteer with animal rescues or animal rights organizations as a thank you for all that you do for our furry and feathered friends!

Human Heroes: We offer a 10% discount for Nurses, Doctors, and Firefighters as a thank you for what you do for humans!

Hero Survivors: We offer a 20% discount to any political prisoners from activism. It’s hard to fight for what’s right, suffer oppression as a consequence and we want to support you.