Train with Emmet Logan


Hey I’m Emmet, welcome to my bio page here at NewEthic! I’m a certified personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and through my practice YESbodies, I strive to promote health and wellness for all bodies and identities.


I work with individuals and groups who want to feel good and healthy in their bodies, and I’m passionate about working with LGBTQ folks, freaks and geeks, rough and tumble players, vegans, and generally anyone alienated by mainstream and non-inclusive gym spaces. As a trans person myself, I aim to be especially available to trans and genderqueer folks who seek informed support in taking steps towards improved wellness and mind-body alignment.


We all deserve to feel good about ourselves, and to truly thrive we need access to spaces free from hostility, oppression and judgement, which is why I am stoked to be part of the NewEthic community, where respect, inclusivity and celebration of diversity is not just welcomed but an active intention and focus. Physical activity can be a powerful means of self-care and a solid source of fun – I am here to support that!


Currently, I offer personal training (1-on- 1) and group classes.



20 min, free

My priority is to support you, which starts with understanding your needs, interests and goals. The consultation is also an opportunity for us to talk about any concerns you may have, as well as go over my approach to health and wellness for you to gain a better understanding of what working together could look like. From there, we can discuss and create the best path to set you up for success.


Private Training (1-on-1)

60 minute session, $80 (sliding scale $50-$80 available)

Together we figure out your path based on where you’re coming from and where you want to go; however, we always “meet where you’re at” in any given session. My practice is centered around building a strong and stable foundation upon which you can then build your “house”. I place special emphasis on biomechanics, which involves identifying and addressing muscle imbalances, and minimizing risk for injuries by focusing on correct posture during exercise.


All Levels Core Class – Saturdays at 1pm

60 min class, Drop-in $20, 10-pass $150,

(Introduce a friend to the class and drop-in is $10 each)

Your core is basically where all movement originates from. This class is for anyone who wants to be comfortable in their body, tighten their core and build on foundational stability that impacts


Emmet Logan