9.30.13 WOD

This will be my very last day coaching at the Portland Location of PlantFit Training Studio. I will coach all classes except the noon class. The brand will continue to move forward and expand as time allows. As always we will promote rock solid plant-based nutrition, a cruelty free lifestyle, and functional movements mixed in with a healthy dose of intensity. Thank you so much Portland! It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this community for the last 5 years.

-Ed Bauer

9.30.13 WOD:


For time:

21-15-9 of

95# Thrusters


Rest 5 minutes.


For time:

50-40-30-20-10 of

Double Unders (3 singles = 1 double)




Quick Update. A few cancelations.

Hey guys, this is Ed here. Just to let you know, I am still out of town visiting family until late late Thursday. We have to cancel this Wednesday at 10am and 12pm only. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks all and see you Friday!

PlantFit’s Two Year Anniversary Party!!! This Saturday August 31st at 10AM

PlantFit Training Studio is celebrating its Two Year Anniversary already! Thank you so much for making this happen! During this event, we want to do a few things. First off, we want to show off our space to those of you who haven’t seen it yet. Second, we want to offer a free (yet optional) workout for those new to PlantFit to get a taste of what our workouts are all about. We will also have food for sale from one or two of Portland’s Vegan Food Cart Vendors, and we will announce the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge! This will be your chance to learn about how to drop unwanted fat, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, feel better, and have fun doing it. As you could expect, we will also provide information on how to do this on a completely plant-based diet!

The Event starts Saturday, August 31t at 10am. The Free Group Workout starts at 10:30am. Food will be available after the workout, around 11:15am. We will also officially announce the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge! Come check out our location under the Hawthorne Bridge and support Portland’s only dedicated Vegan Fitness Facility. You can make your reservation at https://www.facebook.com/events/356107484492820/ Thanks all! We hope to see you there!

Anniversary Party


As we are gearing folks up for the Race For The Animals presented by NW Veg on June 30th, http://nwveg.org/race_for_animals we will be running again. This time, we are running at the Waterfront. Meet at PlantFit Training Studio as we normally would on Saturday morning at 9am. Then from there, we will make the run as a group. Everyone can run at their own pace so don’t be shy if you are worried about keeping up. This is a fun chance to get outside and practice good healthy habits as a community! See you there!


Quick Updates!!!

Hey guys, a few things:

1. June Foundations is starting tomorrow! The first class is 10AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The second available class time is 7pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. To help get you motivated, registration will only be $100 until Wednesday at 12pm. That’s $50 off the regular price! Don’t forget to tell a friend. Click HERE to register!

2. $30 Member referral credits count for Foundations Enrollments as well.

3. For everyone who is a member, if you haven’t already, please bring in a voided check this week so I can set up your account online. This will allow you to reserve classes ahead of time, and it will allow us to streamline our business responsibilities, which should be focused on getting you in the best shape of your life, not tracking you down for monthly dues!

4. Start reserving classes online. You do so HERE as well. This will guarantee you a spot in class. We only have room for 8 people at a time. If 9 show up, and 8 reserved a place, then the 9th person will have to sit out. This new system is designed to streamline the business and simply make us more efficient. We thank you for helping in this process and as always, look forward to making you realize your full potential!

Thanks again guys! See you in class!



March is almost here!!!

Our next Foundation’s Course kicks off on Monday March 4th! We keep classes limited to 8 people per month, and 3 have already registered. This is your chance to take control of you health and finally stop letting cravings and excuses get the best of you. With 12 classes, in 4 weeks, you will now be conditioned to sticking to a program and have a solid understanding of many new total body exercises. If you already workout with us at PlantFit, refer a friend to the Foundation’s Course and get a $30 credit for each person you refer. More info at http://plantfitpdx.com/schedule/


group dl

Christmas Eve Workout 9AM!!!

Hey Guys, Jason will be hosting a class at 9AM on Christmas Eve. Get a good workout in early before the day’s events get started. You’ll be very happy you did. You’ll look better under the mistletoe too!