PlantFit Grand Opening, January 17th in Oakland, CA

The date is finally set! Saturday, January 17, 2015 is the official opening of PlantFit Strength and Conditioning as well as FitQuick Performance Cafe in Oakland, California. There is an optional workout starting at 11am. 12pm will be the beginning of the event which will feature Timeless Coffee, Samplings of Protein Donuts from FitQuick Cafe, and a Presentation from Keegan Kuhn, award winning co-director of the groundbreaking documentary Cowspiracy. We are also holding a fundraiser raffle with all the proceeds going to Animal Place, a sanctuary for farm animals in Grass Valley, California. We have raffle prizes donated by, Cinnaholic, Republic of V, Mucky Pup Pet Grooming,, and Vega. Naturally, FitQuick Protein Waffles, and PlantFit Memberships will be offered as well! You can RSVP for the event at RSVP is encouraged, but not required. Thanks everyone for supporting Vegan Businesses!

Opening Flyer

New Vegan Gym for January 2015…

Hey all, I have been MIA from social media for a while, but I have some big news to announce! I will be opening a new Vegan Gym in Oakland, CA in January 2015. I don’t want to say the committed name quiet yet (though that should be obvious), or the exact address, though it is located just a few blocks Southeast of Lake Merritt. Here is a picture of the empty space. I can’t wait to build this out and start turning brussels into muscles in here. The vegan fitness movement is going strong! Stay tuned!

gym with Apollo

Oh yeah, it will be pup friendly!

Page Updates and PlantBuilt Fundraiser.

Hey guys, I updated the Getting Started & Pricing Tab on the site, as well as uploaded a Gallery page for me. Take a look if you are interested in a custom 3-Day Meal Plan, a 12-Week Transformation Package I now offer, or simply want to see a few photos. I promise I stay humble and do this for the animals. Thanks everyone!


Also, be sure to check out our video for the 2014 PlantBuilt Team and if you can make any contribution, we surely would appreciate it!



CrossFit Open 14.2 Video

Thanks again everyone!

2014 Reebok CrossFit Open so Far, Week 2, and 14.1 video.

Hey all, I just wanted to send out a quick update. It is currently the second week of the Worldwide Reebok CrossFit Open. Last I checked, I was sitting in 113th place (in the Northern California Region) out of  nearly 6,000 male competitors. I grabbed a screenshot when I was in 106th place! Only the top 45 men in each Region (17 Regions Worldwide) make it to the next stage of competition, but either way, I am having fun at GrassRoots CrossFit as the only Vegan Coach there, and here is the video of me performing 14.1. The 14.2 video will be my next post. Go to for a description of the workouts. Thanks for following guys! I’m excited to hear how everyone else does in the Open!

Screen Shot 106th Place











2.7.14 WOD Friday

Week 3 – 5/3/1 Back Squat

75% 1RM for 5 Reps

85% 1RM for 3 Reps

95% 1RM for 1+ Reps (As many as possible)

Metabolic Conditioning:

For Time:

“Isabel + Annie” (with full squat snatch)

30 x Squat Snatch 135#/95#

then immediately to:

50-40-30-20-10 of




Also here is a quick video of a rep PR on Dead Lift from Wednesday. Let’s get it!


2.6.14 Rest Day and Overhead Squat PR

Hey guys, once again, I am getting behind on blog updates. Regardless of posts, the 5/3/1 Program is scheduled as follows:

Monday: Front Squat

Tuesday: Bench Press

Wednesday: Dead Lift

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Back Squat

Saturday: Strict Shoulder Press

Sunday: Rest Day

I am in week 3 of the routine and just got a new rep PR on Dead Lifts. I’ll post that on Friday though. After Dead Lifts, I wanted to retest my Overhead Squat. Here is a video of how that went down. Thanks for following all!

1.24.14 WOD Friday and PlantFit BootCamp tomorrow!

Week 1 of 5/3/1 Back Squat

5/5/5+ reps at 65, 75, 85%


4×10 Box Squat. Adjust weight accordingly

4×10 Weighted Back Extension


10 minute AMRAP of:

5 x Squat Snatch at 85% 1 RM

30 x Double Unders


PlantFit BootCamp

Holly Park Playground in San Francisco 9am!

If you are in the bay area and want to get a workout in, meet me at 9am at the playground Friday (tomorrow) in San Francisco. It will be free first time, then $15 drop-in rate after that. Expect TRX, Jump Ropes, Kettlebells, Bodyweight Movements, and a good time. See you soon!




1.23.14 Rest Day and No, This is not egg.

Today is a rest day. Let’s get ready for Week 1 of Back Squats on the 5/3/1 Cycle tomorrow. I thought I’d share my breakfast this morning as well. With PlantFit, it is about eating plants and getting fit. I do acknowledge that most of my posts are simply about working out, and not what food I eat and recommend to others, so here is my breakfast that like always, is made with Plants! I had a Tofu Omelette over spinach with avocado, and some ginger peach green tea. I made the omelette gluten free, by using corn starch instead of wheat gluten.


No, this is not egg, people. Recipe from

E2 Vegan Omelette:

Omelet Filling
8 ounces mushrooms, sliced
½ onion, diced
1 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
1 cup baby spinach leaves

12 ounces Silken Lite Firm tofu
2 tablespoons soy milk
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
2 tablespoons Ener-G egg replacer
2 teaspoons Bragg Liquid Aminos
1 tablespoon vital wheat gluten
¼ teaspoon onion powder
¼ teaspoon turmeric
Salsa to taste (see page 240)
Fresh fruit

For Omelet Filling:
Sauté the mushrooms and onion in a large, sprayed skillet over high heat for 5–7 minutes or until
the mushroom liquid is mostly gone. Remove to a bowl and return the skillet to the heat. Toss the
bell pepper strips in the skillet for 3 minutes until they begin to brown slightly. Remove from heat
and set aside.

Blend together all ingredients until smooth. Spray a large nonstick skillet and pour half of the batter into the center, using a spoon to spread it out thinly over the bottom of the skillet. Turn the heat to medium. Cover and cook for 8 minutes, then place half of the cooked mushrooms, onions, bell pepper strips, and spinach in a line down the center of the omelet. Use a spatula to flip both sides over the veggies, cover and cook an additional 2 minutes. Remove from heat and gently shake the skillet from side to side a couple of times to loosen the omelet. Carefully slide the omelet onto a plate. Repeat with the second half of the batter. Serve immediately with salsa and a side of fresh fruit.

Add sliced avocados, diced tomatoes, pineapple chunks, or sliced olives.

For mine, I added diced onion and “Phoney Baloney’s” brand Coconut Bacon shreds into the tofu batter. I then added Daiya Cheddar Cheese into the center.  I kept the cheese light and only in there for flavor, since I wanted most of the fat coming from the avocado and coconut bacon. Happy rest day guys! Eat well. Be compassionate.

CrossFit Total Completed.

I completed the CrossFit Total on Saturday.

930 Total Pounds lifted.

335lbs on Back Squat

160lbs on Strict Overhead Press

435lbs on Dead Lift (15lb Personal Record)

A win for Plant Eaters!