October NewsLetter

Pre-Halloween Party!


Monday Oct 30th, we’ll be having a special all together workout at 7 pm followed by a “Dog Costume Contest” at 8 pm. We invite EVERYONE WITH A FUZZY FRIEND (or feel free to borrow a friend’s fuzz ball) to come and walk the runway for a chance at true glory. To enter, simply respond here and let us know so we can organize everyone. We will all have a chance to vote on who absolutely kills us with cuteness, so no judges needed! Just come, lift, eat snackies, smile at puppies and party!



Cell Block 80


Did you know those green bottles in the fridge can make you stronger and enhance your hormones? Here are some key facts about CB80 you might be interested in! If you’re into it, grab a bottle from the fridge and try it! Ed and myself (Holly, duh) both take it regularly and noticed marked differences.

What are the key benefits?
Cell Block 80™ supporting your body’s natural testosterone production, may help optimize Free Testosterone levels, block Estrogen and DHT and reduce Cortisol to support fitness goals and vitality.*
Why would someone use this product?
Cell Block 80™ is intended for use by any healthy adult looking for a comprehensive approach to natural testosterone
and full spectrum hormonal optimization.*
How does it work?
Cell Block 80™ is designed to address 5 of the key biochemical phases of the anabolic pathway that drive Free T to
reach the androgen receptor site in muscle, triggering muscle growth.


Omega 3 (DHA/EPA)


Increased brain functions including decreased anxiety and depression.  It’s generally good for a happy brain but also benefits your eyes, heart, and has been shown to improve your bodies ability to burn fat effectively. Studies have shown a decrease in premenstrual symptoms as well as cramping. Omega 3 also is great for skin, improves sleep, and is a strong anti inflammatory. Most diets are unbalanced towards Omega 6’s, so grab a bottle of Omega 3’s and see what it does for your body!

Vitamin D


Not just from the sun! It’s pretty well known that Vitamin D is killer for bones but a deficiency of VD can cause fatigue too. It’s also known for improvements in mood, and increased ability to burn fat effectively. Most sources (besides the sun) aren’t plant based (though mushrooms are) and most fortified things such as cereal are from non vegan sources. It’s a killer supplement and I strongly recommend getting into it. Also in the fridge!


Got a friend who wants to check out NewEthic?!

We’d love to meet them and welcome them into our community! Foundations classes are 3x a week (Tue 7:30 pm/Thur 7:30 pm/Sat 11 am) and they are welcome to drop in and check us out in this safe environment. Let us know or have them email NEWETHICSTRENGTH@gmail.com 😀

Who Won!

Kayla Sponza! YOU RULE! Thanks for your badassery and commitment! Grab whatever strikes your fancy in the Prize bag next time you’re in class ❤

Thanksgiving Party!


It’s not yet November but SAVE THE DATE SUNDAY NOV 19th for NewEthic’s Annual Thanksgiving Potluck. This has been mine, and just about everyone else who’s attended, favorite event of the year, but this year we are making it just a wee bit better. Many of you, and us, have been on amazing adventures this year so we wanted to invite anyone interested to get on some good ole fashioned projector storytime! We’ll set it up and each person will have a few minutes to tell stories about their favorite moments and share their adventures. It’s so rad we have such an incredible, world traversing, community of folks and we’d love to hear about all the awesomeness that’s gone down, and we’re sure you want to hear about it all too. This will be an entirely plant based, potluck style, event. There will be a formal group to post what you’re bringing and all that, but for now, we wanted to let you know since holiday schedules fill up fast and we would love to see everyone’s faces there! ❤

Volunteer at Miyoko’s Sanctuary: Rancho Compasion!

November 11th they need some strong bodied folks (that’s you!) to help out around the farm and we’d love to pitch in! Please respond here to RSVP to go party with some rescued animals and do some awesome good in the world, or if you have any additional questions. This will be after classes as it’s a Saturday, around 1 pm.

One on One / Semi Private Training

If you’ve been wanting to work on something specific (snatch?!) and wanting some individual attention, we do have a few openings for One on One training! Or, grab a friend from class or outside of the gym, and train Semi Privately (Up to 3 people per group, half the cost of One on One, twice the fun). This can be for one session, a few to focus on a specific goal or to dig into a specific movement, or a series. Email newethicstrength@gmail.com to get into it, or if you have any questions. Everything is sliding scale, if needed, as well.

Happy Birthday!

Danielle, Michelle, Rob 10/12

Ben 10/25

Jacinda 10/27



September Newsletter!

Sept Newsletter!



Monthly Attendance Athlete Winners!

Kayla, Courtney and Emily H – Y’all are F****ing winners! We have a “prize bag” now to choose one item from when you’re in next! It has all kinds of stuff from NewEthic Merch, to awesome books, Protein FluffButter and SO MUCH MORE. Thanks for killing it in class and for your dedication! We’ll choose 1 winner next month according to who attends the most classes. ❤

First Annual NewEthic Classic!

We have a bunch of sign ups but we KNOW you all want to come party, throw down some epic PR’s and support our rad, strong af, community! The short details: sign up for Olympic (Snatch/Clean & Jerk) or Powerlifting (Squat/Bench/Deadlift). The meet will be run like a standard meet, holding the movement standards, but with a few NewEthic twists. Winner gets GLORY, a trophy and experience! Singlet suggested, but not required. The sign up sheet is on the counter next time you’re at class, and is only 20$.


We also need 5 volunteers to change weights for athletes and to help with running the meet in general including the door. Please let us know if you’re interested!


Schedule changes!

We are changing things a little bit according to what y’all have been requesting, listed below:

Mon: Strength and Conditioning @8 am / Olympic Lifting @6:30 pm / Powerlifting @7:30 pm

Tues: Muscle Babes (Lady Only Powerlifting) @6:30 pm / Powerlifting @7:30 pm

Wed: Strength and Conditioning @8 am / Powerlifting @7 pm / Strength and Conditioning 8 pm {1 pm has been moved to Monday Evening}

Thurs: Strength and Conditioning @9 am / Conditioning @6:30 pm / Olympic Lifting @7:30 pm

Fri: Strength and Conditioning @8 am / Powerlifting @1 pm / Olympic Lifting @7:30 pm

Sat: Strength and Conditioning @9 am / Coffee & Barbells @10 am / Team Humane League @11 am

Note that Foundations is now Tues @7:30 pm, Thurs @6:30 or 7:30 pm / Sat @11 am


Please let us know asap if these changes cause any issue for you and we are always open to requests and suggestions. We’re here for you!

Social Justice Brunch and Learn

nevergiveup-1449162850 2.gif

We are SO pumped and proud that our athlete Samantha has chosen to step up and include us as a community and a space in this fight (Waffles against White Power?!)! Please read below and we’d love for you to join in!


Hey everyone!

Each day it becomes increasingly important that we each do our part to ensure that white supremacy / white nationalism / and all things related to this hateful BS are squashed ASAP. I, admittedly, am very new to this fight, and being a white identifying individual I have some struggles in figuring out where to start, and how to be my most effective self in this fight.

Knowing how awesome everyone is that attends NewEthic, and recognizing that this is the one close community that I belong to in the Bay Area, I would love to go on this journey with others in this group. Let’s learn together, support one another, and LEVEL UP our fight against racism.

Here is my proposal:

Social Justice Brunch & Learn

one Sunday every month (specific dates TBD)

@ NewEthic


Bring brunch type vegan food if you can; no one turned away for lack of food bringing

I would like this to be a semi-structured gathering, meaning we’ll create space for open discussion, but will also have assignments / tasks to complete prior to each meeting (i.e. reading a book, watching a film, going on an adventure, etc.), there will be an agenda, and hopefully some guest speakers. This translates to: this is serious, and you should only participate if you are seriously committed to learning and ACTING to fight racism in its many forms.

I plan on subscribing to the monthly e-ally safety pin box so I can share these items and discussion notes with you all.  

If you are interested in attending and/or supporting, please complete this survey so I can collect everyone’s info and respond only to those who are interested. If you have specific questions you can email me directly at samanthapollak@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Happy Birthday to: Alanna Sept 7th, Jackie and Luis the 9th, Lynnae the 15th, Alex L. 18th.


Still Strong. Still Stoked. Still Safe (Space).


NewEthic is growing and with this, some things have shifted around the community. We just want to take this time to restate that we hold strongly to every single one of our beliefs. We are committed to making NewEthic welcome to everyone, with absolutely no exceptions due to race, sexuality, gender expression, creed, abilities, immigration status, etc. But, to stay positive, more importantly, we are dedicated to creating the raddest community that believes in body positivity, supporting each other (esp in our political climate), that believes in absolute equality between people, that believes in feminism and questioning ourselves to stay true. NewEthic upholds a culture of growth, integrity and triumph through struggle. With every day, every month, and every year that goes by we are more dedicated to keeping this community a safe space, as best we can, and to creating a community of amazingly inspiring athletes. Thank you all for being part of it! We look forward to epic gains, fun events, all the puppies, and the best summer ever!

April Newsletter!

Newsletter Time!

Spring!!! SUN! YAYYYY!

So, first, we noticed some folks weren’t responding or reading the newsletters which are our way of keeping the community all in the loop on awesome stuff going on here! So, with that in mind, we figured we’d make it more fun than just harping on you! Respond to the secret question in this newsletter for a chance to win a prize!

The Focus for this month is:

Fuck Yeah Fresh Air!

 This month is all about getting outside, enjoying the end of the forever Winter, and focusing on that functional fitness in the sun. Smash shit, flip things, drive sleds, and generally wreck shop outside! Saturday workouts this month will take us around the Bay, near to NewEthic and further away but still convenient! Do you have any locations you’ve been thinking were rad!? Let us know!



This month is a little lower key, with no major events as we ease into rad summer time fun and create space for all of us to take a deep breath and enjoy the spring! We are working on hosting a sweet self-defense course this month, however. Please let Holly know that you’re interested by April 8th so we know how many folks to plan for with the organization. Just email “I’m down!”! Or whatever works, so that she has it in her records. Thanks! Let’s all feel more confident in public spaces.

Punch Cards!

We got super cute new punch cards and little paw print punches! These are at a discounted rate from the normal drop in rates to make it cheaper and more sustainable. Reach out to Ed or Holly if you would like to use this option.

Punch Card Pic

Foundations: Intro to Lifting!

Ed and Holly are both having late starting April Foundations classes. Are you someone who’s been interested in training at NewEthic or did you train here a long time ago and time just got away from you but now you need a refresher? Join now! Do you have any rad friends who’d want to join in on classes but haven’t yet? We’d love to support getting more of our community moving, getting strong, and hella stoked! Send them our way and we’d love to comp classes or throw some store items your way as a super duper thank you! Let’s grow our little community with all of our collective awesome communities! Deadline is April 8th to sign up for either. Email hollynewethic@gmail.com or edbauerfit@gmail.com

Facebook Group!!

Join the group and keep updated on everyone’s individual businesses, events, and rad things going on with everybody. Also, feel free to post about your own projects, adventures, businesses, promotions or whatever with respect to not over post and keep it relevant. We have many incredible folks in our NewEthic fam such as chiropractors, body workers, dog walkers, animal caretakers, artists, makers, and folks doing great things you might want to be a part of.


Holly Announcements!

Spring. A time to consider a new self. Not in with the new, out with the old, but more of a focus on self-evolution and forward movement. I challenge each and every one of you to focus on what you want, how to get what you want, and how to keep it positive in between the ears. Our mind can bring us down and the dark winter really took its toll on everyone and everything. Now that the sun is shining, ask yourself as I’m asking myself: who and what do I want to be? How will you adapt and improve? Does summer bring a different set of goals? Rad! Let’s do this!!

Policies and Reminders!

For those who aren’t getting monthly unlimited passes – From hence forth, unfortunately, you’ll be required to pay for all group/semi/private canceled sessions without emergency reasons if they’re canceled with 24 hours or less. In addition to this, any classes that lack 3 or more RSVP’s could be canceled the day. Please add to classes with 24 hours or more notice. This is important to support the other folks in the group so they get to workout too and create a space that I can get you and all others RSVP’d folks to their goals. When I know who’s coming to class, I write workouts FOR YOU 😀 Please respect my time as well as those who train with you and plan accordingly to be at class (on time!) or not with 24 hours or more notice. Thanks yall! You all are the best ❤

Holly’s Monthly Unlimited Passes!

I’ve added some unlimited class passes to create more sustainability for those who want to come more. If you didn’t receive that email, please inquire, if you’re into it just pay in cash the next time you’re in class. Thanks!

What’s your favorite 90’s hip-hop song?! (Secret Question)

90 min Lifting Adds!

I’ve added two classes Friday and Saturday which will be open to any type of lifter. If you RSVP, add in the notes what you’d like to work on if you have specifics, otherwise, there will always be a general workout. This is a 90-minute class which is SO RAD as it gives us tons of time to warm up, take time to rest in between sets, and really dig into what we are doing without rush! I am way-way into the 90 min classes! Please always RSVP with 24 hours or more notice. Note that if you’re getting more serious about lifting, it’s very helpful for you to RSVP for the full week or even month so I can optimize your training and help you make the cycle as strong as possible! Yay to getting epic gains!!

Ed’s Announcements!

Hey NewEthic community! I am so stoked that we are finally getting back towards longer and warmer days! We had lots of rain and dreary days here in Oakland and I am very much looking forward to summer. This is a time of reassessing who we are and where we are going. As a longtime vegan and someone involved in the fitness industry since 2006, I have seen a lot of phases come and go, whether within the industry or in my personal quest for fitness. As I strive to be an effective ambassador for the vegan movement, I have had success in various platforms, like bodybuilding, CrossFit, and powerlifting. I have also had many struggles, like not being as muscular as I wanted, not being as strong as I wanted, and simply not being good enough. Then as years go by, more and more people are having success in places where I once felt successful in. This has led to feelings of inadequacy and disappointment. Once I stepped back, I realized that I was creating this situation for myself which was leaving me powerless to create change. With the beginning of spring, it is the perfect time to pull myself back out of the negative talk and get after my goals. For me, that is the Olympic Lifting meet with the PlantBuilt team this summer in Austin! There will be lots of photo opportunities, so I am cleaning up my nutrition and getting in more cardio workouts. Whatever your goals are, now is the time! This month we are getting outside for more workouts in the sun, and we are pushing through challenges to come out stronger on the other side! Don’t let your mind tell you what you can’t do. This is your life and your chance to show who you really are. Let’s make the most of it!

Emmet of Yes Bodies!

Happy April, spring is here! Here’s what’s up with YESbodies:

GENERAL: Now is a really great time to get active with community building. Barely 3 months into the year 10 trans people (9 out of them being trans women of color, of whom 8 were black) have been killed in the US. If you don’t fight for trans women, especially trans women of color, you fight for no women. There are many things we can do; for those of you who are new to this type of organizing, here is an article listing 24 actions you can take to support the survival of trans women of color: https://www.autostraddle.com/24-actions-you-need-to-take-to-help-trans-women-of-color-survive-300526/

FUNDRAISER CORE CLASS: Next Sunday, April 9, come and get your workout on in support of the trans and gender nonconforming community! We are doing a fundraiser day of 2 core workouts; class is @10am-11am and again @4pm-5pm. The classes are identical, attend the one that fits your schedule! All bodies and levels welcome, no previous experience required and modifications offered for all exercises. Suggested donation $10-$10,000. All proceeds go to Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), website: http://www.tgijp.org.

NEW TRANS/GENDERQUEER GROUP: A new trans/genderqueer only group is in the works, more info to come!

In Summary!

Hit up any of the coaches here to get started or if you have any questions. Thanks everyone! We are here to change the world. Thanks for being a part of it with us!

Holly – hollynewethic@gmail.com

Ed – edbauerfit@gmail.com

Emmet – contactyesbodies@gmail.com

March Newsletter!

Sup NewEthic Fam! It’s officially March and the flowers are coming out with the sun! Maybe soon we’ll even have weather where we can feel our toes and skies free of evil rain soon?!? Stoked! This month’s focus is March on Motivation and Metcons! With the accompanying Instagram challenge with #MarchOnMotivation that we’d love to invite you to get in on! Join in by posting a picture related to the topic every day (or the best you can do)! As for our focus, we invite you to think of what motivates you and dig into that! For our part, you’ll be seeing a little more focus on building our conditioning up and getting outside more!

Lift For Liberty!

This is a 4 ish wk challenge that we are coming to the end of and we’d LOVE your help in promoting so we can go out with a bang! All money raised will be donated to the ACLU to support those who defend us 😀 At the end of the challenge, all of the coaches are coming together to lift the amount of money raised in pounds! Help us donate as much as possible by posting, telling your friends, donating if you have the means, or inviting others to in whatever way you choose. Here is a LINK for more info, and please feel free to take the square image for social media! Thanks all! Let’s use our strength to lift others ❤

Vital Action Music Event!

March 19th we’ll be hosting a show for Tim of Vital Action (remember the turtle power challenge!? That’s him!) and Keegan of Cowspiracy who will be playing rad acoustic sets and speaking on all the incredible projects they’re working on in between! I’ve seen both play many times and they’re both nothing less than mind-blowingly inspiring and very talented punk, folk, singers. This will come together a bit more in terms of specifics but there will definitely be food, likely a potluck, and we’d love for you all to attend! More info and RSVP HERE, friends/family/kids/dogs all very much welcome! See you there!!

(Ps. There are still 1 or 2 spots available if you know anyone or are anyone who plays music and would like to add to the bill! Email hollynewethic@gmail.com)


We officially have everything listed on the website for those of you who are remote, and for those of you who come in, all of our new merch is officially available! Check it out on the website to see pics of how they fit and all that. Currently we have: Camo Leggings in “One Size Fits ‘Most’”, Back Leggings in sm-xlg, 1 Pair of Camo Shorts in 32, Epic Strong AF Glitter Unicorn Baseball Raglans in xsm-xlg, Grey Rhino Tee’s in sm/med/lg, Vegan and Non-Vegan Smooshy Faced Fitness Tanks in xsm-lg, and “My Fitness Does Not Compromise My Ethics” Tees in sm-xlg. Come grab them as sizes are limited! Let us know what you’d like to see next!

Coach Holly!

Motivation. It’s a thing you need in every aspect of life but, let’s be real, it’s sometimes elusive. This month I’m calling on happiness self-care practices to get my motivation on such as:

-Going outside without headphones to listen to the birds, the patter of puppy paws and wind through the trees, digging into being outside makes me so pumped and happiness makes me keep moving forward!

-Keeping shit right inside my head! If I say “I can’t do this” then I can’t fucking do it, no chance. So motivation, much of time, has to be internal, like keeping it posi and strong while tackling hard, scary or just grinding things internally.


I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about your experience of training here, and with me! As a thank you for writing a testimonial I’d love to offer anyone interested a free class, bar or drink. This would be put on the web site to let other folks know what they could expect from this community and training with me. Also, I very much appreciate it! Just email me your testimonial with a picture that you like of yourself (doesn’t have to be training but can be!). Thanks, in advance, so so much!


I’ve added Monday and Wed Evening Classes! I’d love to invite you to join in on the fun and come party! I changed the focus for Mon evening to accommodate yall saying you want to get big on our Olympic lifts. Here’s a renewed schedule with little descriptions so you know each one. Just RSVP to join! Let me know if there is anything you ever want to focus more on that you’re not seeing in classes, this time is yours and I’d love to make sure you’re getting what you want out of it 😀 Also just a small reminder to always Un-RSVP with more than 24hrs notice, or text me if it’s an emergency. Thx!

Monday – Olympic Lifting! Snatch, Clean & Jerk Focus with Conditioning and Accessories! @7:30 pm

Tuesday – Muscle Babes! Lady Only Powerlifting with a bit of Conditioning! @6 pm

Tuesday – Powerbuilding! @7 pm Powerlifting open to all genders with a bit of Conditioning!

Wednesday – WednesYay Strength and Conditioning Focused Class @3 pm

Wednesday – Grinding Onward and Upward! Strength and Conditioning Focused Class to get us through the mid-week hump! @7:30 pm

Thursday – Epic Powerlifting Crew! Powerlifting focus for those who want to smash big numbers for Squat, Bench, and Deadlift! Open to all, especially those looking to compete now or eventually! @5:30 pm (90 min)

Thursday – Conditioning! Focus on conditioning with body weight and lighter weights. Discounted 50% off for folks who stay from the Epic Powerlifting Crew! @7 pm

Friday – Olympic Lifting! Snatch, Clean & Jerk Focus with Conditioning and Accessories! @7 pm

Saturday – Fun with Coffee & Barbells! Strength and Conditioning focus (Drink free coffee or tea and train pre-brunch! @10 am

Sunday – BRUNCH, Relax and Restore! No workout this day, just all the rest and nom. Feel free to come train this day for the open gym, though which is free if you come to 2x a week or more!!

Remote Training!

Do you want to come in for open gym (free if you attend 2x or more per week classes/sessions) but don’t know what to do to stay on the program?! I’d LOVE to write you programming in between to keep you heading towards your goals and augment your current training! ALSO, if you have a rad friend who wants to train but is too far away or for another reason can’t attend classes, I’d love to write their programming too! I just started with a few new groups this week for Powerlifting, Intro to Oly, and Improving Oly to accommodate many different experience and skill levels. This is $30 a month to start then $50 per after for purely remote folks, and $30 always for current NewEthic Fam! Let me know asap and I’ll get you signed up! (These were for the group, you can let me know at any time :D)


I know training can be pricy, so I have a few ways to help. First, if you pay in cash, for the full month of classes you intend to attend I offer a 10% discount THIS MONTH ONLY {after that it’ll be 5%} (if something happens and you cancel with 24hrs or more notice, no worries! You’re not locked in, it’s still flexible to add more or roll them over if you don’t use them). Second, if you volunteer at any animal organization (humane league, sea shepherd, etc) you get a 10% discount as long as you are volunteering (combine for 15%)!

EMAIL hollynewethic@gmail.com

Coach Ed!

Hey everyone, this is Ed here! Thanks so much to everyone that has supported our #LiftForLiberty Fundraiser at www.crowdrise.com/new-ethic-strength-and-conditioning-lift-for-liberty-challenge. It means a lot that you stand in line with our efforts to end oppression and make this a better world.

As for my March updates, our focus is on Motivation. This is literally inside all of us and how in tune with this factor influences how much we succeed in life. Of course, this dwindles at times, as we battle the voices in our heads that say we can not achieve, but understanding that it is the small steps of growth that really matter. Sometimes, we strive for these dramatic changes, only to fall short and be disappointed with ourselves. If we strive to make small, steady, incremental improvements, whether that is 5 pounds heavier on our deadlift or 5 seconds faster on our “Fran” time, it is a reflection of the process. Just remember, if you get a 5 lb PR on your deadlift every month for the year, that would be a 60 pound Personal Record! Find your motivation, let it define who you are or who you will be in this world. We all strive to get better. Stay humble and keep your focus on what motivates you. Let’s surprise ourselves and accomplish more than we ever thought possible this year!

As for my schedule, here it is:

– Strength & Conditioning Class 8am M/W/F, 9am Thurs/Sat, 6pm M/W/F, and 7pm Tues/Thurs.

–MASS Gainers Class Wednesday and Friday at 12 pm with availability. This class is dedicated to powerlifting and accessories that help build strength and size in a healthy balanced approach.

All classes still operate under the same rates, at $180 Unlimited Monthly or $150 for a 10 Pass Punch Card. All options cover all classes offered. If anyone has friends or family interested in working with me, I can set up private, semi-private, or small group Beginners Classes based on interest, and remember, you get $50 off the next month’s rate for the referral! Thanks, everyone! Now let’s focus on March on Motivation!

Ed Bauer edbauerfit@gmail.com

Also, here is a testimonial from my client Matthew who attends my 12 pm MASS Gainers Classes:

“In just three months of NewEthic’s MASS Gainers class, I gained more than 12 pounds of muscle — a pound a week of lean mass. I also PR’d on all my major lifts, adding 20 pounds to my bench press, 40 pounds to my deadlift, and more than 20 pounds to my squat. Ed gave me valuable nutrition advice, including small tweaks to my diet that helped me fuel my training and recovery. Most importantly, Ed provided great coaching and support, empowering me to lift heavy and get stronger.”

Emmet of Yes Bodies!

This month calls for motivation and efficiency (conditioning or otherwise); let’s dig into what motivates us and feeds the fire that keeps us going. Get motivated to start new things; use motivation to maintain what you’re working on, or to finish what you started. Let’s do things as efficiently as we can in the spirit of working smarter not harder. YESbodies is updating classes and here is what’s up with the regular class as well as what’s new as of this month!

All Levels Core Class (drop-ins welcome!): Last month we practiced our resilience, literally getting up and down and back up again. This month, our added focus is to do different types of marching; on our backs, on our hands, and on our feet, in whatever fashion we individually need to march – building our core strength and stability. We are going to isolate and hold the small but important parts of our core that need attention for our bodies to move and perform efficiently. As always, the class offers modifications and welcomes all bodies, abilities and levels. Introduce a friend to the class and it’s half off for both of you ($10 each)!

>> NEW! Balance and Stability Class:

Whether you’re discovering, developing, or improving your balance and stability; this class is here to offer you solid support. Modifications will be available for all exercises; great for those new to physical activity, as well as individuals who want to add balance and stability training as a complement to their current workout regimen. Class will be on Tuesdays at 7pm, starting Tuesday 3/7. Drop-ins are welcome and class is $20, or try it out now in March together with a friend and it’s $10 each!

Lift For Liberty Fundraiser and Gym Challenge!


Thank you for checking out the Lift For Liberty Fundraiser and Gym Challenge.

We the coaches and community surrounding New Ethic Strength & Conditioning believe in acceptance, tolerance and freedom to all deserving humans no matter what. Our community stands against the Executive Order that is preventing people into the United States. In order to show our support of all people affected by the current political situation we are running a month long fundraiser and donating all proceeds directly to the ACLU.

Each week we will total the donation amount. With that total we will convert that amount into pounds that we will then lift in a combination of weightlifting movements. We will be taking video and posting on various social media in order to spread the word. Please join us by putting the link https://www.crowdrise.com/new-ethic-strength-and-conditioning-lift-for-liberty-challenge in your profile and spread the word by posting your videos each week lifting the same weight raised!



Say week one we raise $500. Each of us will then attempt to lift a total of 500 lbs. So that could mean 5 reps of 100 lb squats or 1 rep of a 500 lb deadlift or whatever lift we choose. Then, the next week if we raise an additional $900, we will all then have to lift a total of 900 lbs whatever way we choose.

We are all hoping to spread awareness, raise money for a charity that is directly helping those families and individuals in need and challenging ourselves to a weekly lifting attempt that wouldn’t normally be in the routine.

Please feel free to join us in lifting our totals each week by using the hashtag #LiftForLiberty and @thenewethic and sharing on social media. Videos and tagging are encouraged. Each week we will announce the weight total and would love for you to participate with a video, use our hashtag and spread awareness in standing together as a voice against racisim and bigotry.

Thank you for your donation and participation in this challenge!

#LiftForLiberty #LiftForLiberty #LiftForLiberty

Find us at

@thenewethic – Instagram


February 2017 NewEthic Newsletter

Whoa! It’s already February! But, let us be super real, this year has already been pretty tough and many of us feel the generally tired fatigue of the onslaught of the news every day. With that in mind, I invite you all to do a little extra self-care! This was last month’s focus which hopefully got you thinking more about what you can do to support yourself, staying healthy, and rad af. Let’s keep building those up to stay sane, happier, and focused during these trying times. Stretch, eat enough, drink hella water, go outside, do whatever it takes to keep healthy ❤


Also, it was so rad celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary with you last month! Thanks to EVERYONE who came and made it the bestest! Big thanks go out to Humane League for tabling, No Worries Filipino Food Truck and The Butcher’s Son for bringing the delicious food! It is really all of you that make us who we are. Endless thanks for your commitment to health, community, and becoming stronger than yesterday!


This month’s focus is DEADLIFTS AND DRIVE! We will be thinking of all the things that drive us forward, motivate us, and keep us charging towards our goals. We will also be getting our focus onto some DeadLifts, our form, confidence and getting some epic PRs!


Lift For Liberty!

We are doing a challenge here to contribute to the cause! Starting next week, we will be taking donations for the ACLU as well as possibly other organizations that are standing up for what is good and right against the f***ing BS that our current administration is acting on. Each week we will call for donations and at the end of the week, all the coaches will lift that amount of pounds each! If you’re interested, we’d love to have you join us!  YAY!


Attendance! (Holly’s Folks!)

As of Feb, I’ll be requiring payment for non-emergency last minute cancellations. I write workouts for the individuals who attend and last minute cancellations often cause those folks who were RSVP’d to have the last minute canceled class (which is really frustrating) and wastes others time/energy. Also, please try to RSVP with 24 hrs notice so I know who’ll be attending and can plan accordingly. These are especially important as classes grow to make your workout the raddest I can! I believe in your ability to take responsibility for being here when you say you will and supporting everyone who trains with you! With this in mind, I’m now offering a 10% off if you pay (cash) at the beginning of every month. If you have to miss any, with proper notice, they’ll totally roll-over to the next month of course and you’re always welcome to join more classes during the month! If you want to add to a class last minute, or if you need to cancel due to circumstances outside of your control, please text me to let me know. Thanks all!



Make a drive file for any and all goals you have for this coming year. Don’t be afraid to think big (but realistic :p). Do this to help stay accountable to yourself. Set weekly steps in there to help build a path to a realistic outcome. For example, if you wish to increase your deadlift by 60 pounds by 2018, plan to hit a 5 lb PR each month. At the end of 12 months, you should be right on track! Let’s get strong and stoked!


We now have new shirts! NewEthic Rhino / Strength Through Compassion T-Shirts are $25 with $5 from each shirt sale going to a Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary!

strong-afAlso, Sparkle Unicorn / Strong AF Raglan Shirt for $30 Come get them while you can!
– Raglans: X-Small through X-Large (Unisex Sizing) $30
– Rhino Tee: Small through X-Large (Unisex Sizing) $25
– Smooshy Face Fitness Tanks: Still Vegan and (No Vegan Word) Prints, small through large, $25 women’s American Apparel Sizing. $25
– My Fitness Does Not Compromise My Ethics Tee $25, Men’s American Apparel Sizing Small through X-Large



4This month we’ll be hosting a Ladies of Harvest Home Workout! The women of Harvest Home Sanctuary will be joining us on FEBRUARY 18th and bringing Esther the pig as well as hens and likely more animals. We will all work out together then hang out for a presentation and food with them (Flyer Coming Soon!). We are incredibly stoked on this event! All genders welcome and bring your friends! This will be a very light workout ❤




Love Stinks Workout!
5This will be the normally scheduled Coach Holly Powerlifting at 7 pm 2/14 Tuesday but will be Co-Coached by Alex, Ed and Holly focusing on smashing bad feels or just working out! We can accommodate any level of fitness, so feel free to bring friends (but let us know). Yay!


Fat Chance Coaching!

Hello! Alex of Fat Chance Coaching here.

Almost anyone can do a deadlift which is why I love them so much! Here are some adaptations and modifications I find helpful for working with a disability, injury, or mobility challenge:

  • Pro Bodybuilder Nick Scott shows you how to do a wheelchair deadlift in this video.

  • Deficit Deadlifts using stacked plates is an easy way to work with a limited range of motion while still getting a killer workout.

  • Also give rack pulls and seated deadlifts a try!

Alex’s Classes:

M/W 7pm Queers Who Lift

M/W 8pm Level 2 Powerlifting

I’m opening a conditioning focused class starting the week of 2/13 called HIIT IT. HIIT me up if you’re interested!

2/14 Love Stinks Valentine’s Day workout with Holly and Myself!

Email fatchancecoach@gmail.com to join group classes or enquire about semi-private and one-on-one training.

Holly Coaching!

I’ve added Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 pm classes, and there are many new folks so I’m listing the schedule below ❤ I also have some mid-day availability for Semi-Privates if you’d like to dig into anything specifically with a friend! Let me know and we can schedule you.


Monday – Skill and Strength Group! @7:30 pm {This will be a class for learning new things. All abilities welcome, we will start from the bottom and work our way up so don’t feel afraid or concerned if you see something you don’t know how to do!}

Tuesday – Muscle Babes @6 pm {This is Powerlifting with some conditioning occasionally and is limited to lady folks only}

  • Powerbuilding @7 pm {This is Powerlifting with some conditioning occasionally plus accessories and is open to all!}

Wednesday – WednesYay Class @3 pm AND @7:30 pm (These are Strength and Conditioning}

Thursday – Epic Powerlifting Crew @5:30 {This is a Powerlifting centered class for those who want to kill it at Squat/Bench/Deadlift specifically and/or wants to compete! Open to all, it’s 90 min to allow for more rest and lots more attention to recovery, injury assessment or prevention, and creates a wonderfully chill feel.}

  • Conditioning @7 pm {The focus here is conditioning with more body weight movements or light weights! This was, originally, meant as an add-on for the Epic Powerlifting Crew class but is open to everyone irregardless. Those who come to both, the conditioning is half off ($10) to accommodate not breaking the bank to train :D)

Friday – Olympic Lifting Class @7 pm {This is focused on getting better at Olympic Lifts.}

Saturday – The O.G. Group! Coffee & Barbells! @ 10 am {The first ever group that I hosted here and still, often, the most fun! This will be Strength and Conditioning}

Sunday – BRUNCH! No workout this day, just all the rest and nom. Feel free to come train this day for the open gym, though!


Did you know that Holly has a podcast?! Check it out HERE!

Ed Coaching!

As a reminder of my schedule, I coach:

– Strength & Conditioning Class 8am M/W/F, 9am Thurs/Sat, 6pm M/W/F, and 7pm Tues/Thurs.

9– MASS Gainers Class Wednesday and Friday at 12 pm with availability. This class is dedicated to powerlifting and accessories that help build strength and size in a healthy balanced approach.

All classes still operate under the same rates, at $180 Unlimited Monthly or $150 for a 10 Pass Punch Card. All options cover all classes offered. If anyone has friends or family interested in working with me, I can set up private, semi-private, or small group Beginners Classes based on interest, and remember, you get $50 off the next month’s rate for the referral! Thanks, everyone! Now let’s focus on Deadlifts and Drive!

Ed Bauer edbauerfit@gmail.com

Coach Rich Updates!

8I’m currently taking on 1:1 and Semi-Private clients for strength & conditioning training. I’m now taking interested sign ups for “Riffs and Reps Class”. Please contact me at richdgaccione@gmail.com for rates and availability, but this class is filling up fast so reach out ASAP to reserve your spot! Details TBA but if you’re interested in heavy music and heavy lifting with a good vibe please let me know. Also, please let your friends know!

Coach Rosie!

Tips for deadlift: You move around the bar, the bar does not move around you for a straight up and down bar path. Keep the bar close, and touching your shins. Also, wear cute/tough deadlift socks to protect your shins and feel awesome.

What keeps me driven is always wanting to see how much I can push myself. How heavy can I lift, and see the amazing things the human body is capable of with perseverance. It’s rewarding and makes me feel like a superhero.
Yes Bodies with Coach Emmet!

The month of February is short but sweet; so can workouts and self-care moments to keep us motivated be.

DRIVE: When it comes to taking care of myself, there’s a pretty wide range of things that keep me going, however, to even get to that point, the first step in my book is doing the work to figure yourself out so you know what you need to keep that drive. It’s thinking about needs and wants, and getting really specific about what that means. In my case, an example is that – big picture – I want to start the day out in a good way with feeling energized, and what that looks like on a detail level is that I need to have bananas at the house at all times, because I use it to make morning smoothies, which is a self-care way for me to start the day out strong. When I maintain my self-care routines, I feel energized and driven to keep moving forward.

DEADLIFTS: As someone said, “there are good exercises, great exercises, and then – there’s the deadlift”. It’s a great all-around strength exercise that I personally feel helps me feel strong and empowered, even just from the posture because you have to keep your back straight and your chest up. One of my favorite tips for deadlifts is: if you need to start out/go lighter – stack a few weight plates on the floor as a base to create some space for your feet.