Power Smoothie Article on Oregon Live

An article I had the chance to share on. Thanks Grant Butler!


Allan Penn


Hey Guys, until the night of Christmas Eve, Monday at 12 Midnight, you can purchase any of our group classes for 50% Off. This means the PlantFit Foundations Course will be $75 (Regularly $150). Go to our “Getting Started” page for more details. If you are already attending Level 1 Group Classes, unlimited attendance for the month will be $67.50 (regularly $135), Twice weekly attendance for the month will be $50 (Regularly $100), and once a week attendance for the month will be $27.50 (Regularly $55).

Also, Personal Training will be 30% Off as well. This is good for the initial 3 Sessions for $70 (regularly $100) and the 6 Into to PlantFit Sessions for $126 (Regularly $180). Please contact us directly to get this deal and find out about additional training packages. Ed can be reached at 503.753.4279. Jason can be reached at 503.758.8399

These deals are both limited to a one month purchase only. Get in on it while you can. This will make a great gift for those you care about, who could use a jump start in their fitness routine. To get this deal, send your payment through PayPal to plantfitpdx@gmail.com before 12:01AM Tuesday and your discount will be honored. Miss the cutoff time and the deal is over. Thanks one and all. We are really excited to show everyone our new studio. We really think once you step foot in it, you are going to love it.


More Mats have arrived!

I just picked up 11 more 4×6 mats to complete the 880 square foot group space (Thanks Josh and Steph). They should be cut and laid down tomorrow so more “functional” space come Monday 7am. Come check out a class free of charge if you haven’t yet, or bring a friend. We have some growing to do. More updates to come. I sense a Fat Loss Challenge coming soon. Thanks all!

Holiday Group Workouts, Pre and Post Thanksgiving Mayhem! $5, 8am both days.


Hey guys, that time is upon us. If we don’t want to get as round as that Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute, or that Tofurky Vegetarian Feast, then we should get some exercise in. A few good workouts are called for to make room for those calories before the Holiday feast begins……. and then the day after to burn off that sweet potato casserole, and that extra piece of vegan pumpkin pie.

We are hosting two group workouts, everyone is invited to burn some serious calories. The first one is Thanksgiving Day at 8am. Then the very next day at 8am again. Come to one or both for $5 either way. This is a chance to bring a sense of balance and harmony to the holiday.

Thanks all! Have a Happy Tofurky Day!

PlantFusion at FoodFight! Grocery

http://www.foodfightgrocery.com/ is now carrying PlantFusion protein powder, in Chocolate and Vanilla. They have 2lb containers and sample packs. It has 4 different sources of proteins, enhanced with BCAAs, glutamine and digestive enzymes, and mixes smoother than any other protein I’ve ever tried. This is seriously good stuff!

Why Fish Oil is not a “health food”

This is just another example of how animal products typically have more than the label claims.