March is almost here!!!

Our next Foundation’s Course kicks off on Monday March 4th! We keep classes limited to 8 people per month, and 3 have already registered. This is your chance to take control of you health and finally stop letting cravings and excuses get the best of you. With 12 classes, in 4 weeks, you will now be conditioned to sticking to a program and have a solid understanding of many new total body exercises. If you already workout with us at PlantFit, refer a friend to the Foundation’s Course and get a $30 credit for each person you refer. More info at


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Mark your Calendars! Valentines Day, Make it A Night for the Animals!

PlantFit Training Studio is donating a serious amount of gym time through the raffle! Come out, share a wonderful meal, and show your support for Green Acres Farm Sanctuary. Bring your sweetheart of course!





Hey Guys, until the night of Christmas Eve, Monday at 12 Midnight, you can purchase any of our group classes for 50% Off. This means the PlantFit Foundations Course will be $75 (Regularly $150). Go to our “Getting Started” page for more details. If you are already attending Level 1 Group Classes, unlimited attendance for the month will be $67.50 (regularly $135), Twice weekly attendance for the month will be $50 (Regularly $100), and once a week attendance for the month will be $27.50 (Regularly $55).

Also, Personal Training will be 30% Off as well. This is good for the initial 3 Sessions for $70 (regularly $100) and the 6 Into to PlantFit Sessions for $126 (Regularly $180). Please contact us directly to get this deal and find out about additional training packages. Ed can be reached at 503.753.4279. Jason can be reached at 503.758.8399

These deals are both limited to a one month purchase only. Get in on it while you can. This will make a great gift for those you care about, who could use a jump start in their fitness routine. To get this deal, send your payment through PayPal to before 12:01AM Tuesday and your discount will be honored. Miss the cutoff time and the deal is over. Thanks one and all. We are really excited to show everyone our new studio. We really think once you step foot in it, you are going to love it.


Puppy Fundraiser This Saturday 9am!!!

Hey all,

On Sat Dec. 22nd the 9AM Group Class at PlantFit will be a fundraiser for one of our group members (Jacqueline) and pup (Roxanne). The money goes to help paying for surgery on the pup’s leg after an accident. So if you come and are able to spare any help it would be greatly appreciated!

Please RSVP if you will make it (on Facebook @, we want to plan accordingly. Below is a message from Jacqueline.

“Friday November 30, 2012, was the longest day for my sweet dog Roxanne. She broke her hind leg while playing at an off lease dog park. Consequently, we spent the day trying to find a vet that would provide the best care for her and perform surgery on her broken leg! After hours of vet consolations and x-rays of Roxanne’s leg, we were referred to Gresham Animal Hospital. They were very gentle and kind with Roxanne, but the surgery was going to be expensive!!Gresham Animal Hospital informed me that in order for Roxanne’s leg to be fixed she needed surgery immediately (her leg had broken in four places). The cost of the surgery is $3,200.

Roxanne saved my life once many years ago. She’s my best friend. I need to do whatever I can to help her. I gave them all the money I had, including my rent money, I also gave the vet my wedding ring as collateral…….”

Again if anyone is capable of donating to this cause please stop by PlantFit Training Studio Sat Dec. 22 at 9am. We will be hosting a workout specifically for fundraising. If you don’t have time to join the workout feel free to drop by and donate.

Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Jason Morris


Happy Thanksgiving! No 7AM tomorrow, 8AM instead!

Hey guys, sleep in an extra hour tomorrow. The group class will be at 8AM instead of 7AM for tomorrow (Friday the 23rd) Come burn off those extra calories. Don’t let the holidays throw you off track!


More Mats have arrived!

I just picked up 11 more 4×6 mats to complete the 880 square foot group space (Thanks Josh and Steph). They should be cut and laid down tomorrow so more “functional” space come Monday 7am. Come check out a class free of charge if you haven’t yet, or bring a friend. We have some growing to do. More updates to come. I sense a Fat Loss Challenge coming soon. Thanks all!

Holiday Group Workouts, Pre and Post Thanksgiving Mayhem! $5, 8am both days.


Hey guys, that time is upon us. If we don’t want to get as round as that Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute, or that Tofurky Vegetarian Feast, then we should get some exercise in. A few good workouts are called for to make room for those calories before the Holiday feast begins……. and then the day after to burn off that sweet potato casserole, and that extra piece of vegan pumpkin pie.

We are hosting two group workouts, everyone is invited to burn some serious calories. The first one is Thanksgiving Day at 8am. Then the very next day at 8am again. Come to one or both for $5 either way. This is a chance to bring a sense of balance and harmony to the holiday.

Thanks all! Have a Happy Tofurky Day!

Quick Update

They said the space will be ready by Monday. We are patiently waiting…

Almost in to the New Space!

Hey guys, They are finishing up painting and installing overhead lights today. We should be taking over the 1530 square foot new home of PlantFit Training Studio tomorrow!!! We are pumped! This will allow us to work with more people and ensure everyone has a comfortable yet challenging workout. We will announce a Grand Opening event soon as well to make it official! Thanks all, We look forward to whipping you into shape and making you stronger than yesterday!

Portland’s upcoming Fifth Annual Try Vegan Week

Great article on Portland’s upcoming Fifth Annual Try Vegan Week, starting August 4th.