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Hey guys, I was featured on the Strongest Hearts Web Series! Check it out here.


Thanks Matt and Sasha for the opportunity!

1.18.14 WOD Saturday

Hey all, sorry for the blog post hiatus I was on. This last week was a deload week simply doing lesser percentages of all the previous 3 weeks. So to get back on track, another round of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program starts this Monday. I have been following this program for basic strength for the last 2 months, and my best lifts so far are:

Deadlift 375 for 11 reps

Bench Press 245 for 7 reps

Strict Shoulder Press 150 for 2 reps

Weighted Ring Pull-Up 75lbs added for 4 reps

High Bar Back Squat 270 for 9

Weighted Dip 105lbs added for 8 reps

The numbers I am focused on are a 455lb deadlift (current PR is 420), a 405lb back squat (current PR is 355), and a 315lb bench press (current PR is 280). This program takes time, but with focus and determination, I think this is the way to those higher numbers. You can read up on it at The weekly breakdown for the movements I am working on are:

Monday: Dead Lift and Bench

Wednesday: Strict Press and Weighted Pull-Ups

Friday: Back Squats and Weighted Dips

For those that want to get stronger, men and women, I recommend you follow along. So the next cycle starts this coming Monday. So now to figure out what your current 1 rep max weights are. Well lucky for you, the fine folks at GrassRoots CrossFit have programmed tomorrow’s WOD.

1.18.14 WOD

“CrossFit Total”

3 attempts for each movement of:

1 rep max Back Squat

1 rep max Strict Shoulder Press

1 rep max Dead Lift

The total of the three 1 rep max lifts completed is your CrossFit Total. Here is an article by Mark Rippetoe to see if this is right for you.

Thanks guys, I’ll post my numbers once I complete it. PS. the CrossFit Open is live. Go register here.

PR from over 5 months ago. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.

Congratulations to Caris Rodriguez!!!

A Big Congratulations goes out to Caris Rodriguez for winning the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge!!! During the month of September, she had the biggest change in body composition. This means she gained the most muscle and lost the most fat out of over 20 people who competed in the challenge! She dropped a total of 5.71% body fat, and 6 total pounds. During September and early October, she has been training for the Columbia Gorge Marathon which happens on October 27th. She has ran up to 16 miles in one day so far, as well as PR’d her back squat at 205 LBS and her dead lift at 255 LBS!!! She is seriously showing the power of Plant-Based Whole Foods and sheer determination! Awesome work Caris!
In winning the challenge, Caris won $200 cash. Also, with everyone’s participation in the challenge, another $200 has been raised. PlantFit Training Studio has already mailed that check to Out To Pasture Sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon!
An honorable mention goes to Alex Glover, Justin Britton, Ben Leavitt, and Russel (from Blossoming Lotus) for rounding out the top 5. Nice work everyone! I am truly honored to watch your success in fitness and health, as well as your efforts to help the animals!

9.30.13 WOD

This will be my very last day coaching at the Portland Location of PlantFit Training Studio. I will coach all classes except the noon class. The brand will continue to move forward and expand as time allows. As always we will promote rock solid plant-based nutrition, a cruelty free lifestyle, and functional movements mixed in with a healthy dose of intensity. Thank you so much Portland! It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this community for the last 5 years.

-Ed Bauer

9.30.13 WOD:


For time:

21-15-9 of

95# Thrusters


Rest 5 minutes.


For time:

50-40-30-20-10 of

Double Unders (3 singles = 1 double)




PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge

We are a hosting the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge. Registration is $20. The rules are simple. Get your bodyfat measured by me (Ed Bauer) or Jason Morris today, tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday. You then have until Monday, September 30th to get measured again. Who ever has the highest percentage of body composition change (body fat down, and lean muscle up) will win! The winner will receive 1/2 of the total registration fees by all registered contestants. The other 1/2 of the registration $ will be donated to Out To Pasture Sanctuary. That means, the more people who register, the higher the donation is.

So in one crisp month-long effort, you can improve your health, your strength, your flexibility, your endurance, your clothes will fit better, AND you’ll be helping all the wonderful animals at Out To Pasture. Plus if you win, you get a lump of cash to go with it. Pretty sweet deal!

Email us at plantfitpdx@gmail or call at 503.753.4279 to set up a time to get measured.

Fall Fitness Challenge

No 9am Class today (Saturday), 10am Party Workout instead!

Hey guys, we are having our 2 Year Anniversary Party at 10am and we are working out then, so no 9am class tomorrow. Sorry for the last minute post. If you wanted to come to the 9am, just go back to sleep for one hour, problem solved! 😉


Anniversary Party

PlantFit’s Two Year Anniversary Party!!! This Saturday August 31st at 10AM

PlantFit Training Studio is celebrating its Two Year Anniversary already! Thank you so much for making this happen! During this event, we want to do a few things. First off, we want to show off our space to those of you who haven’t seen it yet. Second, we want to offer a free (yet optional) workout for those new to PlantFit to get a taste of what our workouts are all about. We will also have food for sale from one or two of Portland’s Vegan Food Cart Vendors, and we will announce the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge! This will be your chance to learn about how to drop unwanted fat, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, feel better, and have fun doing it. As you could expect, we will also provide information on how to do this on a completely plant-based diet!

The Event starts Saturday, August 31t at 10am. The Free Group Workout starts at 10:30am. Food will be available after the workout, around 11:15am. We will also officially announce the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge! Come check out our location under the Hawthorne Bridge and support Portland’s only dedicated Vegan Fitness Facility. You can make your reservation at Thanks all! We hope to see you there!

Anniversary Party