PlantFit Black Friday Sale! Run, Don’t Walk!

Rhino Cub Running

Hey everyone, starting this Friday at 12:01am until Sunday at Midnight, we are holding our BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Here is the breakdown of the deals:
15% off all FitQuick in store items!
25% off for current members of the PlantFit Community: Up to 6 one on one Sessions or One Month Group Classes.
50% off Everything for new folks: Up to 6 one on one and/or One Month Group Sessions!
50% off 1 hour Nutrition Consultation via Skype, Phone or at PlantFit Locally.
50% off up to 6 Partner Training Private Class (Train with your BFF or your Partner) for already attending PlantFit Community as well as New Folks!
For Holly:
Please note that I ask you take 3 to 6 one on one sessions, depending on experience, to get up to speed for group classes. If you’d like to sign up with a group for the Friends Group Class and you’re all new, I will include the “getting up to speed” at the group class rate so we can all learn together.
For Ed:
Please note that I ask you take at least 3 one on one sessions or take the one month OnRamp Course to get up to speed for group classes.
To Purchase: Send email to or Please include what you are interested in and current contact info for future scheduling. If you would like to see the gym ahead of time or make an in store purchase, please be sure to email beforehand. For more info on working with Holly, click here. For more info on working with Ed, click here.

All purchases must be made between Friday the 27th and Sunday the 29th at Midnight either in store or online.

PlantFit PR Challenge (sign up extended to Wednesday, Nov. 18th)

PlantFit Community!

Turtle Party

As you all likely know, we were traveling Costa Rica during November and we expected we would be able to have access to email for questions, etc but we had little to none and were also caught up getting stoked on sloths, adventures and all things awesome over there. Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by a delay but we are BACK! Because of all this, we have decided to extend sign ups for the PlantFit PR Party Challenge until Wed the 18th. If you are already in it to win it, you are welcome to start/test anytime this week, including before Wednesday, we just wanted to open things up a few more days for anyone who wants to join in! Please check out the previous PR Party Post  for more info. As a Bonus, if you repost the PR Party Flyer on Instagram we will discount (or refund if you’ve already paid) you $5 on your sign ups (please remember to TAG us in the picture and hashtag #plantfitprparty so we see it too!). All proceeds will be donated to Projecto Huella which, among other social activism, saves baby turtles.
PlantFit PR Party

PlantFit PR PARTY!!! (Nov. 16th – Dec. 20th)

PlantFit PR Party

Join us for PlantFit’s PR Party!
(November 16th to December 20th)

Registration is $20 for either challenge and the extended cutoff date is Wednesday, November 18th.

The Challenges are for who can make the most improvement in five weeks in:

Strength – Set your (P)ersonal (R)ecord for  a 1 Rep Max Weight of Deadlift and Push Press (15 minutes to work up to your heaviest lift for Push Press, then a short break. Then 15 minutes to work up to your heaviest lift for Deadlift.)
Conditioning – PR for Max Reps of Back Squats at 75% Body Weight, Unbroken (can not set the bar down) and 5 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of: 500 meter Row, AMRAP Burpees to 6″ Target with remainder of time.

Register for BOTH for $30!


You can register by sending a payment through paypal to

In the comments section, please state which challenge you are signing up for, contact info, and which day and time is preferred for initial test which has to be between Monday, Nov. 16th and Saturday, Nov. 21st

All participants will receive discounts for 1 on 1 training as well as discounts for team group classes!

All who sign up will be assigned to one of two teams. Winning Team Donates Proceeds to Proyecto Huella: a grassroots movement towards supporting and generating vital conservation for sea turtles and social justice. Here is Tim with a baby sea turtle that P.H. saved from poachers and released. Turtle Tim

The one person with the most progress from either team wins a mystery basket of awesome goodies and, of course, bragging rights!

On Nov 18th you will receive an email introduction. This will explain details such as which group and coach (Either Ed or Holly) you’ll be with, instructions for adding to the team Facebook group, what times/dates are available for team group workouts and an opportunity to schedule 1 on 1 training, as well as the test for your starting point.

If you’re new to PlantFit, don’t worry! We will schedule time for you to come in and learn the movements before your test, and remember: this challenge is about how much progress you can make on either your workout times, reps or amount of weight lifted rather than who can lift the most total weight so don’t worry about where you start.

Please Note:
To participate, you must be able to come to PlantFit (606 E. 11th St., Oakland, CA, 94606) for at least your start and finish tests. Sorry far away people!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Holly at

Thanks all and we look forward to smashing some personal records with you!

-Ed and Holly

The Grand Opening was a Success!

Grand Opening Group Photo

Hey guys, thank you so much for such a wonderful turnout for the Grand Opening of PlantFit Strength & Conditioning and FitQuick Cafe on January 17th, 2015. We had a great turnout! Holly and I couldn’t be more thankful for such a wonderful and supportive community. So for this event, we held a raffle fundraiser for Animal Place, and we sold 152 tickets and raised $400! So rad! It is so cool knowing we get to help animals in need just by doing what we love. This business could not exist if it wasn’t for the community of ethically minded individuals who want to feel great in their own skin. Thank you for everything you do in creating a more compassionate world for all.

-Ed Bauer

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine Cover!!!

Hey guys, we made the cover!!!

VH&F Cover

My partner Holly and I flew to Austin last July for the 2014 PlantBuilt Team Competition and we had the chance to do a photo shoot with the kind folks over at It was a wonderful experience and we are honored to say we made the cover! This magazine now has distribution all over the world and can be found in nationwide stores such as Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, Barnes & Noble, and many other natural food stores. Thank you so much for following and be sure to pick up a copy next time you are out.

In Fitness and for the Animals,

Ed Bauer

PlantBuilt 2014 and Why You Should Consider Veganism.

PlantBuilt Rolled Deep this year! With over 30 Athletes who follow a 100% Vegan Diet and lifestyle, we competed and won in various Athletic Competitions, from CrossFit to PowerLifting, to Bikini, Figure, Men’s Physique, and BodyBuilding. We set out to prove that consuming animals and their by-products is simply a choice. This is a choice that the cow, chicken, pig, or fish did not have any say in. They are slaves and victims to the animal agriculture industry. Every time you choose an animal product, you choose to support enslavery, isolation, depression, neglect, torture, and finally murder of an innocent creature. Every living being simply wants to live and be free from tyranny, just as all of us do. Why do you continue to think that animals (especially certain animals) are below you and do not deserve this basic consideration and the right to live? This is called Carnism by the way, and you can learn more at It is time to make a change and today is the day.

Every time you choose a plant-based alternative, you are supporting industries which grow fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, herbs, and seeds. This is the truly natural and compassionate alternative which spares all pain and suffering on innocent and beatiful creatures. I personally have lived like this for over 18 years, and there and more and more people reconsidering whether their values and ethics are supported by their lifestyle decisions. To learn more about us as a group, go to To learn about many more vegan athletes go to To learn more about compassionate dietary choices, go to Here is another resource Of course there is the Meat Your Meat Video at If you need a registered Dietitian look up Matt Ruscigno at Here is a video he made a while back which I just so happen to be in about Vegan Health and Nutrition at Also, to refute any nutritional arguments against a 100% Animal Free Healthy Diet, check out any video from the one and only Dr. Michael Greger at Oh yeah, and here are two Rad Companies who are revolutionizing how we see and comsume Meat and Eggs, and

Alright all, thanks for listening to my rant! Thanks so much for following, and I invite you to join me and millions of others in making the world a more peaceful place for all living beings.


PlantBuilt 2014

Strongest Hearts Web Series

Hey guys, I was featured on the Strongest Hearts Web Series! Check it out here.


Thanks Matt and Sasha for the opportunity!