Happy Thanksgiving! No 7AM tomorrow, 8AM instead!

Hey guys, sleep in an extra hour tomorrow. The group class will be at 8AM instead of 7AM for tomorrow (Friday the 23rd) Come burn off those extra calories. Don’t let the holidays throw you off track!


Class Canceled Saturday

Hey guys, Saturday class will be canceled this week. I have friends visiting from NY and we will be in Seattle for the day. I’m working on getting some other Personal Trainers at PlantFit, so I should be able to have a substitute coach fill in if I am not available in the near future. Thanks for your understanding.

No Class this Saturday 4.14.12

Hey guys, Class will be cancelled this Saturday.

Tomorrow’s 7am and 12pm class are still on schedule. See you then!

Group Classes

Hey Everyone! Thanks for following and thanks for all the support that you guys have shown so far. I am here to change the face of Veganism in Portland and the world. I feel that we need to be the ultimate version of ourselves to be a strong representative of a compassionate lifestyle. This is one of our unspoken forms of advocacy whether we admit it or not.

With this in mind, I encourage all of you (non vegans too!) to come attend a Group Class. Your first visit is absolutely FREE! These classes are appropriate for beginners as well as the “advanced.” You can modify the intensity based on your abilities. I am here to ensure you have a safe, fun and challenging workout. In the classes, workouts vary greatly from session to session. The emphasis is on body weight movements such as push-ups and squats, plyometric movements such as box jumps and medicine ball throws, weight lifting such as overhead press and deadlifts, and metabolic conditioning drills such as rowing, or jump roping. It is always fun and always a solid workout. Space is limited, so class attendance will be set at 8 people per class. Classes are currently offered Wednesday and Friday, both at 7am and 12noon. Please email me at edbauerfit@gmail.com if you would like to attend. Thanks!