November Newsletter!!!

Whoa! This year is moving by so fast. A few announcements for this month including the annual NewEthic Friendsgiving (Nom!), Hella Black Friday Deals, and More!

NewEthic Fall Classic

We hope you can join us this Saturday, November 4th for our First Annual NewEthic Fall Classic Meet. We have 10 first time competitors who will compete in Olympic Weightlifting or Powerlifting. Come watch them compete for the title! Competition starts at 9am and all are welcome to attend. $5 at the door, cash only. Dogs and children are welcome as long as they are quiet and well behaved. Lifters need to concentrate. Thanks everyone!




Do you know anyone who wants to train at NewEthic but isn’t into lifting heavy? Or maybe you’re someone who dropped off and would love to come back! This one’s for you!

Starting just in time to get ahead of the holidays, we are hosting an 8 Week BootCamp “Fast Lean Fit” for beginners, first timers, or anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their life! Here at NewEthic, we don’t shame people, regardless of their goals, so if you want to flatten your tummy, get toned and trim or just feel good in your skin, then this is the class for you. We’ll go over nutrition, have check ins, advice, and workouts for any level that can be modified for any person, all aimed at getting you results fast. If you’re over the traditional gym model, the weird body shame, and the “gym bro” culture, but not really looking to “go hard” we got you. Starting Nov 13th, we will meet every Monday and Thursday at 5:30pm and learn everything needed to burn fat and feel great! Registration is now open and the class is limited to 10 people. Sound good?! Hell yea! Let’s get started! $199 Total.



Black Friday!?

Members! If you refer a friend and they contact us between Nov 24th and 26th, once they sign up for Foundations or a Monthly Plan, you get a FREE month of training! Foundations is only $99 during this time too, so it’s a killer deal for all! We also have some Black Friday Gift deals, if you’re looking to gift training to someone special!:

FitQuick/Shirt/Gift Certificate for Week of Foundations – 35$ ($82 value/save $47)

FitQuick/Shirt/Evolve Shake/Gift Cert for Month of Foundations -125$ ($199 value/save $74)

FitQuick/Shirt/Evolve Shake/Gift Cert for 1 week of Personal Training -124.99$ ($219 value/save $69)

FitQuick 25% off online and in our store (save $5)

{All deals must be purchased between Nov 23rd @midnight and Nov 26th @midnight}


Volunteer at Miyoko’s Sanctuary: Rancho Compasion!

November 11th they need some strong bodied folks (that’s you!) to help out around the farm and we’d love to pitch in! We’ve already got a great group and we’d love for you to join! Please respond here to RSVP to go party with some rescued animals and do some awesome good in the world, or if you have any additional questions. This will be after classes as it’s a Saturday, around 1 pm, followed by a potluck. Plz wear closed toed shoes, no companion animals or children, and bring an item for the potluck! Yay! See you there!


One on One / Semi Private Training for a Cause!

If you’ve been wanting to work on something specific and wanting some individual attention, we do have a few openings for One on One training! Or, grab a friend from class or outside of the gym, and train Semi Privately (Up to 3 people per group, half the cost of One on One, twice the fun). This can be for one session, a few to focus on a specific goal or to dig into a specific movement, or a series. Email to get into it, or if you have any questions. Everything is sliding scale, if needed, as well. 30% of all Sessions for Nov will be donated to Fire Recovery Organizations.


Friendsgiving Party!

NOV 19th is NewEthic’s Annual Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving Potluck. This has been ours and just about everyone else’s, favorite event of the year, but this year we are making it just a wee bit better. Many of you, and us, have been on amazing adventures, tours, and trips this year so we wanted to invite anyone interested to get on some good ole fashioned projector storytime! We’ll set it up and each person will have a few minutes to tell stories about their favorite moments and share their adventures with the NewEthic Fam. It’s so rad we have such an incredible, world traversing, community of folks and we’d love to hear about all the awesomeness that’s gone down. We’re sure you want to hear about it all too. This will be an entirely plant-based (ask either of us if you aren’t sure what this means or if you have any questions), potluck style, event, all well-behaved family and fur baby friendly. RSVP HERE and comment what you’ll be bringing when you know ❤ Stoked to see y’all there!


Most Attendance

Charles Ugalde and Emily Haynes! Lots of new stuff in the PRIZE BAG, grab one item that looks rad when you’re here next. Thx for your epic dedication and commitment!


Jojo and Michaela 11/7, Elliot 11/12, Jeremy V.E. 11/22, Christa 11/28



Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine Cover!!!

Hey guys, we made the cover!!!

VH&F Cover

My partner Holly and I flew to Austin last July for the 2014 PlantBuilt Team Competition and we had the chance to do a photo shoot with the kind folks over at It was a wonderful experience and we are honored to say we made the cover! This magazine now has distribution all over the world and can be found in nationwide stores such as Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, Barnes & Noble, and many other natural food stores. Thank you so much for following and be sure to pick up a copy next time you are out.

In Fitness and for the Animals,

Ed Bauer

My 2014 CrossFit Open Experience

Hey all, go check out my full article and all of my CrossFit Open video links over at Read up on how the CrossFit Open went for me. This year, I was aiming at making it to Regionals. That however did not happen. I did use this year as another learning experience and right now, I am working on my weaknesses, which are primarily in the strength and next level gymnastics departments. With a 435 lb deadlift, a 355 lb full depth back squat, a 200 lb snatch, and 40 unbroken pull-ups, I still have a long way to go to get to the top of the CrossFit athlete heap. Thanks for following along everyone. Keep pushing forward and redefine who you choose to be in this world!

1.18.14 WOD Saturday

Hey all, sorry for the blog post hiatus I was on. This last week was a deload week simply doing lesser percentages of all the previous 3 weeks. So to get back on track, another round of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program starts this Monday. I have been following this program for basic strength for the last 2 months, and my best lifts so far are:

Deadlift 375 for 11 reps

Bench Press 245 for 7 reps

Strict Shoulder Press 150 for 2 reps

Weighted Ring Pull-Up 75lbs added for 4 reps

High Bar Back Squat 270 for 9

Weighted Dip 105lbs added for 8 reps

The numbers I am focused on are a 455lb deadlift (current PR is 420), a 405lb back squat (current PR is 355), and a 315lb bench press (current PR is 280). This program takes time, but with focus and determination, I think this is the way to those higher numbers. You can read up on it at The weekly breakdown for the movements I am working on are:

Monday: Dead Lift and Bench

Wednesday: Strict Press and Weighted Pull-Ups

Friday: Back Squats and Weighted Dips

For those that want to get stronger, men and women, I recommend you follow along. So the next cycle starts this coming Monday. So now to figure out what your current 1 rep max weights are. Well lucky for you, the fine folks at GrassRoots CrossFit have programmed tomorrow’s WOD.

1.18.14 WOD

“CrossFit Total”

3 attempts for each movement of:

1 rep max Back Squat

1 rep max Strict Shoulder Press

1 rep max Dead Lift

The total of the three 1 rep max lifts completed is your CrossFit Total. Here is an article by Mark Rippetoe to see if this is right for you.

Thanks guys, I’ll post my numbers once I complete it. PS. the CrossFit Open is live. Go register here.

PR from over 5 months ago. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.

Veganizing the Meat and Nut Breakfast and Why You Should Too

Hey guys, I recently wrote an article for on veganizing a meat and nut breakfast. Check it out and let me know what you think!