October NewsLetter

Pre-Halloween Party!


Monday Oct 30th, we’ll be having a special all together workout at 7 pm followed by a “Dog Costume Contest” at 8 pm. We invite EVERYONE WITH A FUZZY FRIEND (or feel free to borrow a friend’s fuzz ball) to come and walk the runway for a chance at true glory. To enter, simply respond here and let us know so we can organize everyone. We will all have a chance to vote on who absolutely kills us with cuteness, so no judges needed! Just come, lift, eat snackies, smile at puppies and party!



Cell Block 80


Did you know those green bottles in the fridge can make you stronger and enhance your hormones? Here are some key facts about CB80 you might be interested in! If you’re into it, grab a bottle from the fridge and try it! Ed and myself (Holly, duh) both take it regularly and noticed marked differences.

What are the key benefits?
Cell Block 80™ supporting your body’s natural testosterone production, may help optimize Free Testosterone levels, block Estrogen and DHT and reduce Cortisol to support fitness goals and vitality.*
Why would someone use this product?
Cell Block 80™ is intended for use by any healthy adult looking for a comprehensive approach to natural testosterone
and full spectrum hormonal optimization.*
How does it work?
Cell Block 80™ is designed to address 5 of the key biochemical phases of the anabolic pathway that drive Free T to
reach the androgen receptor site in muscle, triggering muscle growth.


Omega 3 (DHA/EPA)


Increased brain functions including decreased anxiety and depression.  It’s generally good for a happy brain but also benefits your eyes, heart, and has been shown to improve your bodies ability to burn fat effectively. Studies have shown a decrease in premenstrual symptoms as well as cramping. Omega 3 also is great for skin, improves sleep, and is a strong anti inflammatory. Most diets are unbalanced towards Omega 6’s, so grab a bottle of Omega 3’s and see what it does for your body!

Vitamin D


Not just from the sun! It’s pretty well known that Vitamin D is killer for bones but a deficiency of VD can cause fatigue too. It’s also known for improvements in mood, and increased ability to burn fat effectively. Most sources (besides the sun) aren’t plant based (though mushrooms are) and most fortified things such as cereal are from non vegan sources. It’s a killer supplement and I strongly recommend getting into it. Also in the fridge!


Got a friend who wants to check out NewEthic?!

We’d love to meet them and welcome them into our community! Foundations classes are 3x a week (Tue 7:30 pm/Thur 7:30 pm/Sat 11 am) and they are welcome to drop in and check us out in this safe environment. Let us know or have them email NEWETHICSTRENGTH@gmail.com 😀

Who Won!

Kayla Sponza! YOU RULE! Thanks for your badassery and commitment! Grab whatever strikes your fancy in the Prize bag next time you’re in class ❤

Thanksgiving Party!


It’s not yet November but SAVE THE DATE SUNDAY NOV 19th for NewEthic’s Annual Thanksgiving Potluck. This has been mine, and just about everyone else who’s attended, favorite event of the year, but this year we are making it just a wee bit better. Many of you, and us, have been on amazing adventures this year so we wanted to invite anyone interested to get on some good ole fashioned projector storytime! We’ll set it up and each person will have a few minutes to tell stories about their favorite moments and share their adventures. It’s so rad we have such an incredible, world traversing, community of folks and we’d love to hear about all the awesomeness that’s gone down, and we’re sure you want to hear about it all too. This will be an entirely plant based, potluck style, event. There will be a formal group to post what you’re bringing and all that, but for now, we wanted to let you know since holiday schedules fill up fast and we would love to see everyone’s faces there! ❤

Volunteer at Miyoko’s Sanctuary: Rancho Compasion!

November 11th they need some strong bodied folks (that’s you!) to help out around the farm and we’d love to pitch in! Please respond here to RSVP to go party with some rescued animals and do some awesome good in the world, or if you have any additional questions. This will be after classes as it’s a Saturday, around 1 pm.

One on One / Semi Private Training

If you’ve been wanting to work on something specific (snatch?!) and wanting some individual attention, we do have a few openings for One on One training! Or, grab a friend from class or outside of the gym, and train Semi Privately (Up to 3 people per group, half the cost of One on One, twice the fun). This can be for one session, a few to focus on a specific goal or to dig into a specific movement, or a series. Email newethicstrength@gmail.com to get into it, or if you have any questions. Everything is sliding scale, if needed, as well.

Happy Birthday!

Danielle, Michelle, Rob 10/12

Ben 10/25

Jacinda 10/27



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