September Newsletter!

Sept Newsletter!



Monthly Attendance Athlete Winners!

Kayla, Courtney and Emily H – Y’all are F****ing winners! We have a “prize bag” now to choose one item from when you’re in next! It has all kinds of stuff from NewEthic Merch, to awesome books, Protein FluffButter and SO MUCH MORE. Thanks for killing it in class and for your dedication! We’ll choose 1 winner next month according to who attends the most classes. ❤

First Annual NewEthic Classic!

We have a bunch of sign ups but we KNOW you all want to come party, throw down some epic PR’s and support our rad, strong af, community! The short details: sign up for Olympic (Snatch/Clean & Jerk) or Powerlifting (Squat/Bench/Deadlift). The meet will be run like a standard meet, holding the movement standards, but with a few NewEthic twists. Winner gets GLORY, a trophy and experience! Singlet suggested, but not required. The sign up sheet is on the counter next time you’re at class, and is only 20$.


We also need 5 volunteers to change weights for athletes and to help with running the meet in general including the door. Please let us know if you’re interested!


Schedule changes!

We are changing things a little bit according to what y’all have been requesting, listed below:

Mon: Strength and Conditioning @8 am / Olympic Lifting @6:30 pm / Powerlifting @7:30 pm

Tues: Muscle Babes (Lady Only Powerlifting) @6:30 pm / Powerlifting @7:30 pm

Wed: Strength and Conditioning @8 am / Powerlifting @7 pm / Strength and Conditioning 8 pm {1 pm has been moved to Monday Evening}

Thurs: Strength and Conditioning @9 am / Conditioning @6:30 pm / Olympic Lifting @7:30 pm

Fri: Strength and Conditioning @8 am / Powerlifting @1 pm / Olympic Lifting @7:30 pm

Sat: Strength and Conditioning @9 am / Coffee & Barbells @10 am / Team Humane League @11 am

Note that Foundations is now Tues @7:30 pm, Thurs @6:30 or 7:30 pm / Sat @11 am


Please let us know asap if these changes cause any issue for you and we are always open to requests and suggestions. We’re here for you!

Social Justice Brunch and Learn

nevergiveup-1449162850 2.gif

We are SO pumped and proud that our athlete Samantha has chosen to step up and include us as a community and a space in this fight (Waffles against White Power?!)! Please read below and we’d love for you to join in!


Hey everyone!

Each day it becomes increasingly important that we each do our part to ensure that white supremacy / white nationalism / and all things related to this hateful BS are squashed ASAP. I, admittedly, am very new to this fight, and being a white identifying individual I have some struggles in figuring out where to start, and how to be my most effective self in this fight.

Knowing how awesome everyone is that attends NewEthic, and recognizing that this is the one close community that I belong to in the Bay Area, I would love to go on this journey with others in this group. Let’s learn together, support one another, and LEVEL UP our fight against racism.

Here is my proposal:

Social Justice Brunch & Learn

one Sunday every month (specific dates TBD)

@ NewEthic


Bring brunch type vegan food if you can; no one turned away for lack of food bringing

I would like this to be a semi-structured gathering, meaning we’ll create space for open discussion, but will also have assignments / tasks to complete prior to each meeting (i.e. reading a book, watching a film, going on an adventure, etc.), there will be an agenda, and hopefully some guest speakers. This translates to: this is serious, and you should only participate if you are seriously committed to learning and ACTING to fight racism in its many forms.

I plan on subscribing to the monthly e-ally safety pin box so I can share these items and discussion notes with you all.  

If you are interested in attending and/or supporting, please complete this survey so I can collect everyone’s info and respond only to those who are interested. If you have specific questions you can email me directly at

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Happy Birthday to: Alanna Sept 7th, Jackie and Luis the 9th, Lynnae the 15th, Alex L. 18th.



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