Still Strong. Still Stoked. Still Safe (Space).


NewEthic is growing and with this, some things have shifted around the community. We just want to take this time to restate that we hold strongly to every single one of our beliefs. We are committed to making NewEthic welcome to everyone, with absolutely no exceptions due to race, sexuality, gender expression, creed, abilities, immigration status, etc. But, to stay positive, more importantly, we are dedicated to creating the raddest community that believes in body positivity, supporting each other (esp in our political climate), that believes in absolute equality between people, that believes in feminism and questioning ourselves to stay true. NewEthic upholds a culture of growth, integrity and triumph through struggle. With every day, every month, and every year that goes by we are more dedicated to keeping this community a safe space, as best we can, and to creating a community of amazingly inspiring athletes. Thank you all for being part of it! We look forward to epic gains, fun events, all the puppies, and the best summer ever!


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