April Newsletter!

Newsletter Time!

Spring!!! SUN! YAYYYY!

So, first, we noticed some folks weren’t responding or reading the newsletters which are our way of keeping the community all in the loop on awesome stuff going on here! So, with that in mind, we figured we’d make it more fun than just harping on you! Respond to the secret question in this newsletter for a chance to win a prize!

The Focus for this month is:

Fuck Yeah Fresh Air!

 This month is all about getting outside, enjoying the end of the forever Winter, and focusing on that functional fitness in the sun. Smash shit, flip things, drive sleds, and generally wreck shop outside! Saturday workouts this month will take us around the Bay, near to NewEthic and further away but still convenient! Do you have any locations you’ve been thinking were rad!? Let us know!



This month is a little lower key, with no major events as we ease into rad summer time fun and create space for all of us to take a deep breath and enjoy the spring! We are working on hosting a sweet self-defense course this month, however. Please let Holly know that you’re interested by April 8th so we know how many folks to plan for with the organization. Just email “I’m down!”! Or whatever works, so that she has it in her records. Thanks! Let’s all feel more confident in public spaces.

Punch Cards!

We got super cute new punch cards and little paw print punches! These are at a discounted rate from the normal drop in rates to make it cheaper and more sustainable. Reach out to Ed or Holly if you would like to use this option.

Punch Card Pic

Foundations: Intro to Lifting!

Ed and Holly are both having late starting April Foundations classes. Are you someone who’s been interested in training at NewEthic or did you train here a long time ago and time just got away from you but now you need a refresher? Join now! Do you have any rad friends who’d want to join in on classes but haven’t yet? We’d love to support getting more of our community moving, getting strong, and hella stoked! Send them our way and we’d love to comp classes or throw some store items your way as a super duper thank you! Let’s grow our little community with all of our collective awesome communities! Deadline is April 8th to sign up for either. Email hollynewethic@gmail.com or edbauerfit@gmail.com

Facebook Group!!

Join the group and keep updated on everyone’s individual businesses, events, and rad things going on with everybody. Also, feel free to post about your own projects, adventures, businesses, promotions or whatever with respect to not over post and keep it relevant. We have many incredible folks in our NewEthic fam such as chiropractors, body workers, dog walkers, animal caretakers, artists, makers, and folks doing great things you might want to be a part of.


Holly Announcements!

Spring. A time to consider a new self. Not in with the new, out with the old, but more of a focus on self-evolution and forward movement. I challenge each and every one of you to focus on what you want, how to get what you want, and how to keep it positive in between the ears. Our mind can bring us down and the dark winter really took its toll on everyone and everything. Now that the sun is shining, ask yourself as I’m asking myself: who and what do I want to be? How will you adapt and improve? Does summer bring a different set of goals? Rad! Let’s do this!!

Policies and Reminders!

For those who aren’t getting monthly unlimited passes – From hence forth, unfortunately, you’ll be required to pay for all group/semi/private canceled sessions without emergency reasons if they’re canceled with 24 hours or less. In addition to this, any classes that lack 3 or more RSVP’s could be canceled the day. Please add to classes with 24 hours or more notice. This is important to support the other folks in the group so they get to workout too and create a space that I can get you and all others RSVP’d folks to their goals. When I know who’s coming to class, I write workouts FOR YOU 😀 Please respect my time as well as those who train with you and plan accordingly to be at class (on time!) or not with 24 hours or more notice. Thanks yall! You all are the best ❤

Holly’s Monthly Unlimited Passes!

I’ve added some unlimited class passes to create more sustainability for those who want to come more. If you didn’t receive that email, please inquire, if you’re into it just pay in cash the next time you’re in class. Thanks!

What’s your favorite 90’s hip-hop song?! (Secret Question)

90 min Lifting Adds!

I’ve added two classes Friday and Saturday which will be open to any type of lifter. If you RSVP, add in the notes what you’d like to work on if you have specifics, otherwise, there will always be a general workout. This is a 90-minute class which is SO RAD as it gives us tons of time to warm up, take time to rest in between sets, and really dig into what we are doing without rush! I am way-way into the 90 min classes! Please always RSVP with 24 hours or more notice. Note that if you’re getting more serious about lifting, it’s very helpful for you to RSVP for the full week or even month so I can optimize your training and help you make the cycle as strong as possible! Yay to getting epic gains!!

Ed’s Announcements!

Hey NewEthic community! I am so stoked that we are finally getting back towards longer and warmer days! We had lots of rain and dreary days here in Oakland and I am very much looking forward to summer. This is a time of reassessing who we are and where we are going. As a longtime vegan and someone involved in the fitness industry since 2006, I have seen a lot of phases come and go, whether within the industry or in my personal quest for fitness. As I strive to be an effective ambassador for the vegan movement, I have had success in various platforms, like bodybuilding, CrossFit, and powerlifting. I have also had many struggles, like not being as muscular as I wanted, not being as strong as I wanted, and simply not being good enough. Then as years go by, more and more people are having success in places where I once felt successful in. This has led to feelings of inadequacy and disappointment. Once I stepped back, I realized that I was creating this situation for myself which was leaving me powerless to create change. With the beginning of spring, it is the perfect time to pull myself back out of the negative talk and get after my goals. For me, that is the Olympic Lifting meet with the PlantBuilt team this summer in Austin! There will be lots of photo opportunities, so I am cleaning up my nutrition and getting in more cardio workouts. Whatever your goals are, now is the time! This month we are getting outside for more workouts in the sun, and we are pushing through challenges to come out stronger on the other side! Don’t let your mind tell you what you can’t do. This is your life and your chance to show who you really are. Let’s make the most of it!

Emmet of Yes Bodies!

Happy April, spring is here! Here’s what’s up with YESbodies:

GENERAL: Now is a really great time to get active with community building. Barely 3 months into the year 10 trans people (9 out of them being trans women of color, of whom 8 were black) have been killed in the US. If you don’t fight for trans women, especially trans women of color, you fight for no women. There are many things we can do; for those of you who are new to this type of organizing, here is an article listing 24 actions you can take to support the survival of trans women of color: https://www.autostraddle.com/24-actions-you-need-to-take-to-help-trans-women-of-color-survive-300526/

FUNDRAISER CORE CLASS: Next Sunday, April 9, come and get your workout on in support of the trans and gender nonconforming community! We are doing a fundraiser day of 2 core workouts; class is @10am-11am and again @4pm-5pm. The classes are identical, attend the one that fits your schedule! All bodies and levels welcome, no previous experience required and modifications offered for all exercises. Suggested donation $10-$10,000. All proceeds go to Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), website: http://www.tgijp.org.

NEW TRANS/GENDERQUEER GROUP: A new trans/genderqueer only group is in the works, more info to come!

In Summary!

Hit up any of the coaches here to get started or if you have any questions. Thanks everyone! We are here to change the world. Thanks for being a part of it with us!

Holly – hollynewethic@gmail.com

Ed – edbauerfit@gmail.com

Emmet – contactyesbodies@gmail.com


2 Comments on “April Newsletter!”

  1. Favorite 90’s Hip Hop Song:

    Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?


  2. Emily Haynes says:

    I didn’t think it would be so hard to pick a fave 90s hip hop song. California Love by Tupac, Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, seriously anything by The Fugees (I wore out my cassette tape of The Score). And now I know what I’ll be listening to for the rest of the day. 🙂

    Thanks y’all for being rad af!

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