March Newsletter!

Sup NewEthic Fam! It’s officially March and the flowers are coming out with the sun! Maybe soon we’ll even have weather where we can feel our toes and skies free of evil rain soon?!? Stoked! This month’s focus is March on Motivation and Metcons! With the accompanying Instagram challenge with #MarchOnMotivation that we’d love to invite you to get in on! Join in by posting a picture related to the topic every day (or the best you can do)! As for our focus, we invite you to think of what motivates you and dig into that! For our part, you’ll be seeing a little more focus on building our conditioning up and getting outside more!

Lift For Liberty!

This is a 4 ish wk challenge that we are coming to the end of and we’d LOVE your help in promoting so we can go out with a bang! All money raised will be donated to the ACLU to support those who defend us 😀 At the end of the challenge, all of the coaches are coming together to lift the amount of money raised in pounds! Help us donate as much as possible by posting, telling your friends, donating if you have the means, or inviting others to in whatever way you choose. Here is a LINK for more info, and please feel free to take the square image for social media! Thanks all! Let’s use our strength to lift others ❤

Vital Action Music Event!

March 19th we’ll be hosting a show for Tim of Vital Action (remember the turtle power challenge!? That’s him!) and Keegan of Cowspiracy who will be playing rad acoustic sets and speaking on all the incredible projects they’re working on in between! I’ve seen both play many times and they’re both nothing less than mind-blowingly inspiring and very talented punk, folk, singers. This will come together a bit more in terms of specifics but there will definitely be food, likely a potluck, and we’d love for you all to attend! More info and RSVP HERE, friends/family/kids/dogs all very much welcome! See you there!!

(Ps. There are still 1 or 2 spots available if you know anyone or are anyone who plays music and would like to add to the bill! Email


We officially have everything listed on the website for those of you who are remote, and for those of you who come in, all of our new merch is officially available! Check it out on the website to see pics of how they fit and all that. Currently we have: Camo Leggings in “One Size Fits ‘Most’”, Back Leggings in sm-xlg, 1 Pair of Camo Shorts in 32, Epic Strong AF Glitter Unicorn Baseball Raglans in xsm-xlg, Grey Rhino Tee’s in sm/med/lg, Vegan and Non-Vegan Smooshy Faced Fitness Tanks in xsm-lg, and “My Fitness Does Not Compromise My Ethics” Tees in sm-xlg. Come grab them as sizes are limited! Let us know what you’d like to see next!

Coach Holly!

Motivation. It’s a thing you need in every aspect of life but, let’s be real, it’s sometimes elusive. This month I’m calling on happiness self-care practices to get my motivation on such as:

-Going outside without headphones to listen to the birds, the patter of puppy paws and wind through the trees, digging into being outside makes me so pumped and happiness makes me keep moving forward!

-Keeping shit right inside my head! If I say “I can’t do this” then I can’t fucking do it, no chance. So motivation, much of time, has to be internal, like keeping it posi and strong while tackling hard, scary or just grinding things internally.


I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about your experience of training here, and with me! As a thank you for writing a testimonial I’d love to offer anyone interested a free class, bar or drink. This would be put on the web site to let other folks know what they could expect from this community and training with me. Also, I very much appreciate it! Just email me your testimonial with a picture that you like of yourself (doesn’t have to be training but can be!). Thanks, in advance, so so much!


I’ve added Monday and Wed Evening Classes! I’d love to invite you to join in on the fun and come party! I changed the focus for Mon evening to accommodate yall saying you want to get big on our Olympic lifts. Here’s a renewed schedule with little descriptions so you know each one. Just RSVP to join! Let me know if there is anything you ever want to focus more on that you’re not seeing in classes, this time is yours and I’d love to make sure you’re getting what you want out of it 😀 Also just a small reminder to always Un-RSVP with more than 24hrs notice, or text me if it’s an emergency. Thx!

Monday – Olympic Lifting! Snatch, Clean & Jerk Focus with Conditioning and Accessories! @7:30 pm

Tuesday – Muscle Babes! Lady Only Powerlifting with a bit of Conditioning! @6 pm

Tuesday – Powerbuilding! @7 pm Powerlifting open to all genders with a bit of Conditioning!

Wednesday – WednesYay Strength and Conditioning Focused Class @3 pm

Wednesday – Grinding Onward and Upward! Strength and Conditioning Focused Class to get us through the mid-week hump! @7:30 pm

Thursday – Epic Powerlifting Crew! Powerlifting focus for those who want to smash big numbers for Squat, Bench, and Deadlift! Open to all, especially those looking to compete now or eventually! @5:30 pm (90 min)

Thursday – Conditioning! Focus on conditioning with body weight and lighter weights. Discounted 50% off for folks who stay from the Epic Powerlifting Crew! @7 pm

Friday – Olympic Lifting! Snatch, Clean & Jerk Focus with Conditioning and Accessories! @7 pm

Saturday – Fun with Coffee & Barbells! Strength and Conditioning focus (Drink free coffee or tea and train pre-brunch! @10 am

Sunday – BRUNCH, Relax and Restore! No workout this day, just all the rest and nom. Feel free to come train this day for the open gym, though which is free if you come to 2x a week or more!!

Remote Training!

Do you want to come in for open gym (free if you attend 2x or more per week classes/sessions) but don’t know what to do to stay on the program?! I’d LOVE to write you programming in between to keep you heading towards your goals and augment your current training! ALSO, if you have a rad friend who wants to train but is too far away or for another reason can’t attend classes, I’d love to write their programming too! I just started with a few new groups this week for Powerlifting, Intro to Oly, and Improving Oly to accommodate many different experience and skill levels. This is $30 a month to start then $50 per after for purely remote folks, and $30 always for current NewEthic Fam! Let me know asap and I’ll get you signed up! (These were for the group, you can let me know at any time :D)


I know training can be pricy, so I have a few ways to help. First, if you pay in cash, for the full month of classes you intend to attend I offer a 10% discount THIS MONTH ONLY {after that it’ll be 5%} (if something happens and you cancel with 24hrs or more notice, no worries! You’re not locked in, it’s still flexible to add more or roll them over if you don’t use them). Second, if you volunteer at any animal organization (humane league, sea shepherd, etc) you get a 10% discount as long as you are volunteering (combine for 15%)!


Coach Ed!

Hey everyone, this is Ed here! Thanks so much to everyone that has supported our #LiftForLiberty Fundraiser at It means a lot that you stand in line with our efforts to end oppression and make this a better world.

As for my March updates, our focus is on Motivation. This is literally inside all of us and how in tune with this factor influences how much we succeed in life. Of course, this dwindles at times, as we battle the voices in our heads that say we can not achieve, but understanding that it is the small steps of growth that really matter. Sometimes, we strive for these dramatic changes, only to fall short and be disappointed with ourselves. If we strive to make small, steady, incremental improvements, whether that is 5 pounds heavier on our deadlift or 5 seconds faster on our “Fran” time, it is a reflection of the process. Just remember, if you get a 5 lb PR on your deadlift every month for the year, that would be a 60 pound Personal Record! Find your motivation, let it define who you are or who you will be in this world. We all strive to get better. Stay humble and keep your focus on what motivates you. Let’s surprise ourselves and accomplish more than we ever thought possible this year!

As for my schedule, here it is:

– Strength & Conditioning Class 8am M/W/F, 9am Thurs/Sat, 6pm M/W/F, and 7pm Tues/Thurs.

–MASS Gainers Class Wednesday and Friday at 12 pm with availability. This class is dedicated to powerlifting and accessories that help build strength and size in a healthy balanced approach.

All classes still operate under the same rates, at $180 Unlimited Monthly or $150 for a 10 Pass Punch Card. All options cover all classes offered. If anyone has friends or family interested in working with me, I can set up private, semi-private, or small group Beginners Classes based on interest, and remember, you get $50 off the next month’s rate for the referral! Thanks, everyone! Now let’s focus on March on Motivation!

Ed Bauer

Also, here is a testimonial from my client Matthew who attends my 12 pm MASS Gainers Classes:

“In just three months of NewEthic’s MASS Gainers class, I gained more than 12 pounds of muscle — a pound a week of lean mass. I also PR’d on all my major lifts, adding 20 pounds to my bench press, 40 pounds to my deadlift, and more than 20 pounds to my squat. Ed gave me valuable nutrition advice, including small tweaks to my diet that helped me fuel my training and recovery. Most importantly, Ed provided great coaching and support, empowering me to lift heavy and get stronger.”

Emmet of Yes Bodies!

This month calls for motivation and efficiency (conditioning or otherwise); let’s dig into what motivates us and feeds the fire that keeps us going. Get motivated to start new things; use motivation to maintain what you’re working on, or to finish what you started. Let’s do things as efficiently as we can in the spirit of working smarter not harder. YESbodies is updating classes and here is what’s up with the regular class as well as what’s new as of this month!

All Levels Core Class (drop-ins welcome!): Last month we practiced our resilience, literally getting up and down and back up again. This month, our added focus is to do different types of marching; on our backs, on our hands, and on our feet, in whatever fashion we individually need to march – building our core strength and stability. We are going to isolate and hold the small but important parts of our core that need attention for our bodies to move and perform efficiently. As always, the class offers modifications and welcomes all bodies, abilities and levels. Introduce a friend to the class and it’s half off for both of you ($10 each)!

>> NEW! Balance and Stability Class:

Whether you’re discovering, developing, or improving your balance and stability; this class is here to offer you solid support. Modifications will be available for all exercises; great for those new to physical activity, as well as individuals who want to add balance and stability training as a complement to their current workout regimen. Class will be on Tuesdays at 7pm, starting Tuesday 3/7. Drop-ins are welcome and class is $20, or try it out now in March together with a friend and it’s $10 each!


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