Lift For Liberty Fundraiser and Gym Challenge!


Thank you for checking out the Lift For Liberty Fundraiser and Gym Challenge.

We the coaches and community surrounding New Ethic Strength & Conditioning believe in acceptance, tolerance and freedom to all deserving humans no matter what. Our community stands against the Executive Order that is preventing people into the United States. In order to show our support of all people affected by the current political situation we are running a month long fundraiser and donating all proceeds directly to the ACLU.

Each week we will total the donation amount. With that total we will convert that amount into pounds that we will then lift in a combination of weightlifting movements. We will be taking video and posting on various social media in order to spread the word. Please join us by putting the link in your profile and spread the word by posting your videos each week lifting the same weight raised!



Say week one we raise $500. Each of us will then attempt to lift a total of 500 lbs. So that could mean 5 reps of 100 lb squats or 1 rep of a 500 lb deadlift or whatever lift we choose. Then, the next week if we raise an additional $900, we will all then have to lift a total of 900 lbs whatever way we choose.

We are all hoping to spread awareness, raise money for a charity that is directly helping those families and individuals in need and challenging ourselves to a weekly lifting attempt that wouldn’t normally be in the routine.

Please feel free to join us in lifting our totals each week by using the hashtag #LiftForLiberty and @thenewethic and sharing on social media. Videos and tagging are encouraged. Each week we will announce the weight total and would love for you to participate with a video, use our hashtag and spread awareness in standing together as a voice against racisim and bigotry.

Thank you for your donation and participation in this challenge!

#LiftForLiberty #LiftForLiberty #LiftForLiberty

Find us at

@thenewethic – Instagram


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