February 2017 NewEthic Newsletter

Whoa! It’s already February! But, let us be super real, this year has already been pretty tough and many of us feel the generally tired fatigue of the onslaught of the news every day. With that in mind, I invite you all to do a little extra self-care! This was last month’s focus which hopefully got you thinking more about what you can do to support yourself, staying healthy, and rad af. Let’s keep building those up to stay sane, happier, and focused during these trying times. Stretch, eat enough, drink hella water, go outside, do whatever it takes to keep healthy ❤


Also, it was so rad celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary with you last month! Thanks to EVERYONE who came and made it the bestest! Big thanks go out to Humane League for tabling, No Worries Filipino Food Truck and The Butcher’s Son for bringing the delicious food! It is really all of you that make us who we are. Endless thanks for your commitment to health, community, and becoming stronger than yesterday!


This month’s focus is DEADLIFTS AND DRIVE! We will be thinking of all the things that drive us forward, motivate us, and keep us charging towards our goals. We will also be getting our focus onto some DeadLifts, our form, confidence and getting some epic PRs!


Lift For Liberty!

We are doing a challenge here to contribute to the cause! Starting next week, we will be taking donations for the ACLU as well as possibly other organizations that are standing up for what is good and right against the f***ing BS that our current administration is acting on. Each week we will call for donations and at the end of the week, all the coaches will lift that amount of pounds each! If you’re interested, we’d love to have you join us!  YAY!


Attendance! (Holly’s Folks!)

As of Feb, I’ll be requiring payment for non-emergency last minute cancellations. I write workouts for the individuals who attend and last minute cancellations often cause those folks who were RSVP’d to have the last minute canceled class (which is really frustrating) and wastes others time/energy. Also, please try to RSVP with 24 hrs notice so I know who’ll be attending and can plan accordingly. These are especially important as classes grow to make your workout the raddest I can! I believe in your ability to take responsibility for being here when you say you will and supporting everyone who trains with you! With this in mind, I’m now offering a 10% off if you pay (cash) at the beginning of every month. If you have to miss any, with proper notice, they’ll totally roll-over to the next month of course and you’re always welcome to join more classes during the month! If you want to add to a class last minute, or if you need to cancel due to circumstances outside of your control, please text me to let me know. Thanks all!



Make a drive file for any and all goals you have for this coming year. Don’t be afraid to think big (but realistic :p). Do this to help stay accountable to yourself. Set weekly steps in there to help build a path to a realistic outcome. For example, if you wish to increase your deadlift by 60 pounds by 2018, plan to hit a 5 lb PR each month. At the end of 12 months, you should be right on track! Let’s get strong and stoked!


We now have new shirts! NewEthic Rhino / Strength Through Compassion T-Shirts are $25 with $5 from each shirt sale going to a Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary!

strong-afAlso, Sparkle Unicorn / Strong AF Raglan Shirt for $30 Come get them while you can!
– Raglans: X-Small through X-Large (Unisex Sizing) $30
– Rhino Tee: Small through X-Large (Unisex Sizing) $25
– Smooshy Face Fitness Tanks: Still Vegan and (No Vegan Word) Prints, small through large, $25 women’s American Apparel Sizing. $25
– My Fitness Does Not Compromise My Ethics Tee $25, Men’s American Apparel Sizing Small through X-Large



4This month we’ll be hosting a Ladies of Harvest Home Workout! The women of Harvest Home Sanctuary will be joining us on FEBRUARY 18th and bringing Esther the pig as well as hens and likely more animals. We will all work out together then hang out for a presentation and food with them (Flyer Coming Soon!). We are incredibly stoked on this event! All genders welcome and bring your friends! This will be a very light workout ❤




Love Stinks Workout!
5This will be the normally scheduled Coach Holly Powerlifting at 7 pm 2/14 Tuesday but will be Co-Coached by Alex, Ed and Holly focusing on smashing bad feels or just working out! We can accommodate any level of fitness, so feel free to bring friends (but let us know). Yay!


Fat Chance Coaching!

Hello! Alex of Fat Chance Coaching here.

Almost anyone can do a deadlift which is why I love them so much! Here are some adaptations and modifications I find helpful for working with a disability, injury, or mobility challenge:

  • Pro Bodybuilder Nick Scott shows you how to do a wheelchair deadlift in this video.

  • Deficit Deadlifts using stacked plates is an easy way to work with a limited range of motion while still getting a killer workout.

  • Also give rack pulls and seated deadlifts a try!

Alex’s Classes:

M/W 7pm Queers Who Lift

M/W 8pm Level 2 Powerlifting

I’m opening a conditioning focused class starting the week of 2/13 called HIIT IT. HIIT me up if you’re interested!

2/14 Love Stinks Valentine’s Day workout with Holly and Myself!

Email fatchancecoach@gmail.com to join group classes or enquire about semi-private and one-on-one training.

Holly Coaching!

I’ve added Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 pm classes, and there are many new folks so I’m listing the schedule below ❤ I also have some mid-day availability for Semi-Privates if you’d like to dig into anything specifically with a friend! Let me know and we can schedule you.


Monday – Skill and Strength Group! @7:30 pm {This will be a class for learning new things. All abilities welcome, we will start from the bottom and work our way up so don’t feel afraid or concerned if you see something you don’t know how to do!}

Tuesday – Muscle Babes @6 pm {This is Powerlifting with some conditioning occasionally and is limited to lady folks only}

  • Powerbuilding @7 pm {This is Powerlifting with some conditioning occasionally plus accessories and is open to all!}

Wednesday – WednesYay Class @3 pm AND @7:30 pm (These are Strength and Conditioning}

Thursday – Epic Powerlifting Crew @5:30 {This is a Powerlifting centered class for those who want to kill it at Squat/Bench/Deadlift specifically and/or wants to compete! Open to all, it’s 90 min to allow for more rest and lots more attention to recovery, injury assessment or prevention, and creates a wonderfully chill feel.}

  • Conditioning @7 pm {The focus here is conditioning with more body weight movements or light weights! This was, originally, meant as an add-on for the Epic Powerlifting Crew class but is open to everyone irregardless. Those who come to both, the conditioning is half off ($10) to accommodate not breaking the bank to train :D)

Friday – Olympic Lifting Class @7 pm {This is focused on getting better at Olympic Lifts.}

Saturday – The O.G. Group! Coffee & Barbells! @ 10 am {The first ever group that I hosted here and still, often, the most fun! This will be Strength and Conditioning}

Sunday – BRUNCH! No workout this day, just all the rest and nom. Feel free to come train this day for the open gym, though!


Did you know that Holly has a podcast?! Check it out HERE!

Ed Coaching!

As a reminder of my schedule, I coach:

– Strength & Conditioning Class 8am M/W/F, 9am Thurs/Sat, 6pm M/W/F, and 7pm Tues/Thurs.

9– MASS Gainers Class Wednesday and Friday at 12 pm with availability. This class is dedicated to powerlifting and accessories that help build strength and size in a healthy balanced approach.

All classes still operate under the same rates, at $180 Unlimited Monthly or $150 for a 10 Pass Punch Card. All options cover all classes offered. If anyone has friends or family interested in working with me, I can set up private, semi-private, or small group Beginners Classes based on interest, and remember, you get $50 off the next month’s rate for the referral! Thanks, everyone! Now let’s focus on Deadlifts and Drive!

Ed Bauer edbauerfit@gmail.com

Coach Rich Updates!

8I’m currently taking on 1:1 and Semi-Private clients for strength & conditioning training. I’m now taking interested sign ups for “Riffs and Reps Class”. Please contact me at richdgaccione@gmail.com for rates and availability, but this class is filling up fast so reach out ASAP to reserve your spot! Details TBA but if you’re interested in heavy music and heavy lifting with a good vibe please let me know. Also, please let your friends know!

Coach Rosie!

Tips for deadlift: You move around the bar, the bar does not move around you for a straight up and down bar path. Keep the bar close, and touching your shins. Also, wear cute/tough deadlift socks to protect your shins and feel awesome.

What keeps me driven is always wanting to see how much I can push myself. How heavy can I lift, and see the amazing things the human body is capable of with perseverance. It’s rewarding and makes me feel like a superhero.
Yes Bodies with Coach Emmet!

The month of February is short but sweet; so can workouts and self-care moments to keep us motivated be.

DRIVE: When it comes to taking care of myself, there’s a pretty wide range of things that keep me going, however, to even get to that point, the first step in my book is doing the work to figure yourself out so you know what you need to keep that drive. It’s thinking about needs and wants, and getting really specific about what that means. In my case, an example is that – big picture – I want to start the day out in a good way with feeling energized, and what that looks like on a detail level is that I need to have bananas at the house at all times, because I use it to make morning smoothies, which is a self-care way for me to start the day out strong. When I maintain my self-care routines, I feel energized and driven to keep moving forward.

DEADLIFTS: As someone said, “there are good exercises, great exercises, and then – there’s the deadlift”. It’s a great all-around strength exercise that I personally feel helps me feel strong and empowered, even just from the posture because you have to keep your back straight and your chest up. One of my favorite tips for deadlifts is: if you need to start out/go lighter – stack a few weight plates on the floor as a base to create some space for your feet.



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