January 2017 NewEthic Newsletter

The New Year is upon us! We are working on making NewEthic an even radder community and space going into 2017. We have expanded into the side room with the roll up door, matting is down and there will soon be 3 new Squat Racks including one outside! We revamped our plate storage, added more fun toys like the Jerk Blocks, Black Battle Ropes, and More! We are clearing out all the negativity set down by 2016, and holding space for the new year to be epically positive! Many of our coaches are adding new classes, opening up more time for private training, and exploring ways to make training here the best experience possible.
We, as a team, have decided to set mental and physical focus’s for each month going forward. January is Squats and Self-Care! January can be a really difficult month for many of us with all the bs “New Year, New You” junk. We think you’re rad and perfect just as you are, so cheers to “New Year, Same F***ing You!” We invite you to dig into self-care, take care of yourself, and spend some extra time taking care of, healing and nourishing yourself. Sleep more, eat more of what makes you feel good, get body work done, dig into recovery and mobility and generally give yourself some love. We’ll spend time in class on stability and strength in standing up and rising strong! I recommend investing in ROMWOD, and spending at least 15 minutes a day moving gently. – Holly
PR Party!
People are still finishing testing, but we’ll know soon and let you know asap! Prizes will be awarded next week! Yay!
Facebook Group!
We’ve started a closed Facebook group for just NewEthic peeps! Please add yourself to the group, if you’re not in it already. This is space to discuss anything related to NewEthic such as when you’re training during open gym if you want a partner, if you’re selling anything, want to communicate about events or whatever else is needed/wanted. Please keep this a fully positive, and supportive, space. Add here ❤
2nd Anniversary Party!
Join us in celebrating NewEthic’s Second Birthday Saturday, January 21st!
S’more Positivity Party!
As most of you know this year has sucked for many folks, and our neighbors were a large part of the sucking for Ed and myself (Holly). But they are officially gone and we are so pumped! We are going to burn some sage in the firepit, clear out the energy in the courtyard, then roast marshmallows and nom s’mores. You’re welcome to come, clear your energy, and refocus around the fire with us! This will be an incredibly informal, chill, occasion on Saturday night (NEW YEARS EVE aka tomorrow) then we plan to head to a secret spot above the East Bay to reflect and watch fireworks! Text Holly or Ed if you’d like to stop by, we will likely start around 6 or 7 pm.
A Quick Note:
-Please try to RSVP for classes within 24 hrs of that class happening, or at least as soon as you can (for super last minute changes, please text your coach). Also, please UN-RSVP in the same time period or more so we can know who to expect. Every workout is written to accommodate the needs, goals, desires, and abilities of each person attending so it’s much better if we know who will be in attendance, especially when planning team or partner workouts. Thanks!!
Holly’s Announcements!
I’ve got 2 spots in my Foundations: Intro to Lifting class coming up in January! As always, if you refer a friend you get 3 Group Classes or a bag of FitQuick free! This is a rad, fun, positive group to learn the foundational movements that will come up in class so you can come and move efficiently, safely and confidently.
I also have some potential space for Private and Semi-Private training! This will give you a chance to problem solve anything you’ve been feeling weaker in, build up your strengths and learn new skills!
Lastly, I’ve added a new class Monday’s at 12:30 pm Starting the second Monday of January and will be adding a Wed 7:30 pm class as well going into February. Please RSVP to these dates in the calendar if you would like to attend fairly regularly and I’ll set them as regular classes! Let me know if you’ve been wishing for other class times, what you’ve been wanting to do more of in terms of movements/workouts, and if you’d like to get in on some more 1:1 or Semi-Private time!
Holly’s Currently Scheduled Classes:

Mon: 12:30 pm Strength and Skill Group!

Tues: 6 pm Muscle Babes (Ladies Only)!

Tues: 7 pm Powerbuilding Strength!

Wed: 3 pm Yay-Time Group Class (Strength and Conditioning)!

Wed: 7:30 pm Foundations: Intro to Lifting!

Thurs: 5:30 pm 90 min Epic Powerlifting Crew

Thurs: 7 pm Strength and Conditioning Class

Fri: 7 pm Strength and Olympic Lifting Focus

Sat: 10 am #Coffee&Barbells Morning Class! (Coffee Not Required)

Sat: 11 am Foundations: Intro to Lifting!

Rates: $20 Any Class, Epic Powerlifting is $30, Semi-Private is $45, Private $85, Nutrition Consults are $65. Everything is sliding scale or/and open to trade. Finances should never be the reason you can’t join, let me know and we will figure something out!

To join classes, add classes, inquire about classes/semi-private/private training, or to join Foundations!
Folks who work with me! Please send me your 2017 GOALS!
Ed’s Announcements!

Hey everyone, this is Ed here! Thanks so much for supporting our gym and this caring and compassionate movement we are all a part of! YOU make this community what it is so all the positive energy you bring really goes a long way! Ok, as for my announcements! My next Beginners Course won’t be until February, so for any friends that are interested, please refer them to https://squareup.com/store/newethic/ Also for anyone you refer, receive $50 off regular classes the following month! As for ongoing classes, the schedule is as follows:

Ed’s Currently Scheduled Classes:

Mon: 8am and 6pm Strength & Conditioning!

Tues: 7pm Strength & Conditioning!

Wed: 8am and 6pm Strength & Conditioning!

Wed:12pm MASS Gainers Class!

Thurs: 9am and 7pm Strength & Conditioning!

Fri: 8am and 6pm Strength & Conditioning!

Fri:12pm MASS Gainers Class!

Sat: 9am Strength & Conditioning!

Sat: 11 am Team Humane League Class!

Rates are still $180 Unlimited Classes (and Open Gym), $150 for a 10-Class Punch Card, $25 for a 1-Time Drop-In, or $70 for Open Gym only. Best methods of payment are cash or through PayPal to EDBAUERFIT@GMAIL.COM Like Holly, I want to offer a sliding scale when needed. Also, I am open to trades too. Just let me know your situation and we can figure out what works best! If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at EDBAUERFIT@GMAIL.COM Thanks everyone, I can’t wait to see you all in 2017!

Emmet’s Announcements!
This past year of 2016 was hard for many of us as individuals and as communities. 2017 can’t arrive too soon, however, we move forward honoring the memories of our loved ones and with the opportunity to renew our commitment to taking care of ourselves and building a strong community. In the spirit of creating a solid physical, mental and emotional foundation to build on for this coming year, we’ll especially be focusing on two things in class during the month of January: grounding and lengthening – as a reminder to ourselves of our strength, integrity, and resilience.
So what does that actually mean? In All Bodies Core class, we’ll be literally getting down on the ground to focus on stability and range of motion, as well as perfecting our strength and resilience game by practicing different ways of getting up, down, and back up again. In Bouncing Bodies (plyometrics) class, January will be dedicated to focusing on basic strengthening, stretching and flexing our lower bodies in particular; a great opportunity to get started with plyometrics at a slower foundational pace to really get the basics down before “jumping ahead” to more advanced levels! As of February, more advanced options will be presented/integrated into the class, however, the class will continue to welcome all bodies and levels.
To sign up or get more information about classes, please email me at contact@yesbodies.com
Rich Announcements!
Rich will be offering his Riffs and Reps powerlifting group class, which will be a fun hour long class that enjoys classic heavy music and a challenging yet modifiable program for every skill level.  He is also taking on 1-1 clients starting mid-January. Please email at richdgaccione@gmail.com for more information about scheduling.
Alex of Fat Chance Coaching Announcements!
January can be a really difficult time for folks in recovery from an eating disorder, fat folks, and anyone choosing to wave the flag “Riots Not Diets”. The cultural obsession new year’s resolutions and weight loss are nearly impossible to escape. Being a body positive warrior is hard work especially this time of year so self-care is paramount. Along with moving my body and connecting with friends at NewEthic here are some of my favorite online self-care tools:
The quiet place project
Mindshift App
PTSD Coach
Pixel Thoughts
Plant Nanny
Alex’s Classes:
M/W 7pm Queers Who Lift
M/W 8pm Foundations Course
F 6pm/Sun 10am Level 2
Email fatchancecoach@gmail.com to join group classes or enquire about semi-private and one-on-one training.
Rosie’s Announcements!
Hey everyone! I’m super stoked to be joining the team of New Ethic coaches this year!
New things coming in 2017:
-Long Hair Lifting, get heavy with weights and black metal, bring your own records.
-Classes and training specializing in gymnastics and mobility.
Contact me at redrosiep@gmail.com

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