We Are a Safe Space <3

In this dark time, on this dark day, I realize the desperate need for secure, safe, spaces now more than ever. I see the need for community, support, and defense. We are staring down the barrel of, possibly, the most fucked up time in this country, and that’s saying a lot considering how much oppression built this culture. In recent history we have seen the Japanese in internment camps HERE, we’ve seen many folks, not just the Jewish, who were prosecuted abroad by the Nazi party, we’ve seen the rape and slaughter of animals, we’ve seen the oppression of those standing for Standing Rock; the original people of our land. The culture we were living in was steadfastly a rape culture, and today we were told that women can’t be in power but their rapists can. We can’t change this message but we can support our community. We can gain strength when the world seems like it tries, so much, to take it away. In this time we need to support one another, and remember that if they come for your neighbor and you ignore it, they will eventually come for you. It’s not all mourning though. We don’t have that luxury. Allow yourself your anger, your grief, fear, sadness, or whatever you feel. Allow your network the same rights, hold space, support, stay flexible. We need to stand strong in the face of the horrific tragedy that has just happened and the guaranteed tragedies to come. We wish there was more, but in this upside down world that is so fucked up, we are here for anyone needing safe space in the world right now. We stand as a safe space from not just the shitty pressure of the fitness industry, but from of the world too. If you need safe space, a safe community, we are here. We will always be a place where ALL folks are welcomed, as long as they are not oppressive or abusive. We feel helpless and scared too, but the only thing to do is stick together so… We are offering a free first class for anyone needing to feel strong, safe and happy, please email with “Fuck Trump” or some similar sentiment to hollynewethic@gmail.com . If you decide to come, I’ll be writing workouts suitable for all fitness levels and there is no pressure. You can also come to stretch, meditate, get in snugs with pups, lay in the office, or do your own workout (assuming you can do this safely and confidently). This is a gym, of course, but more than that it is a community space. To all you in the streets tonight, stay safe, protect each other, and make sure someone knows where you are so you have support. To those hiding tonight, I’m so sorry for what this country has done, we got this, we just have to figure out how. Standing strong, always and forever. – Holly and the NewEthic Community14962578_1213659711989384_5092092123012640298_n.jpg

Holly’s Class Schedule is:

Tues: 6 pm Muscle Babes (Ladies Only), 7 pm Powerbuilding Strength

Wed 3 pm Yay Time Group Class (Strength and Conditioning)

Thurs 5:30 pm 90 min Epic Powerlifting Crew, 7 pm Strength and Conditioning Class

Fri 7 pm Olympic Lifting Focus

Sat 10 am #Coffee&Barbells Morning Class! (Coffee Not Required)


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