Get Ready for the NewEthic Beginners Course starting Monday April 4th

April Course

Starting Monday April 4th, Ed Bauer will be offering the next NewEthic Beginners Course. The price for the 8 session Course is $100. Also, because he wants to help as many people as possible, he is offering this course as:

Buy One, Get One Free! That means You and a Friend can get one month of coaching for $100!


The Beginners Course meets 2 times a week for 4 consecutive weeks and class size is limited to 8 people. All classes last one hour. The schedule is as follows:

7pm Monday April 4th 

7pm Thursday April 7th

7pm Monday April 11th 

7pm Thursday April 14th 

7pm Monday April 18th 

7pm Thursday April 21st 

7pm Monday April 25th 

7pm Thursday April 28th


The NewEthic Beginners Course is designed for any individual who wants to improve their physical fitness. In this class, you will be exposed to our movement curriculum in a small group format. Movement techniques will be drilled. You will also experience a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in advanced training. Expect to learn how to squat, deadlift, bench, run, row, jump rope, lunge, dip, pull up, push up, sit up, wall ball, kip, clean, jerk, and snatch all under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. No prior experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. This class is ideal if you are interested in:

-weight loss and improved body composition
-increased strength and endurance
-knowledge of sports nutrition
-increased stamina, speed, and flexibility
-improved agility, balance, and coordination


The movement curriculum is sequential and attendance to all sessions is recommended. If you are not able to make all the classes, a make up class can be scheduled for up to two missed classes. To make your reservation for April, please make a $100 payment through PayPal to Once payment is received, Ed will send you a confirmation email with specific instructions for the first day. Please include the name of the two individuals attending in the notes. This course will be held at NewEthic Strength & Conditioning in Oakland. The address is 606 E 11th St. Oakland, CA, 94606

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!


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