Gift Certificates Now Available!

2015 Gift Certificate

Hi guys, Holly and I are now offering Gift Certificates* for you or your loved ones to jump start the New Year and get into shape! Here are the details.

Ed is offering:
6 Personal Training Sessions at 10% Off, $324 (normal rate is $360)

10 Personal Training Sessions at 15% Off, $535.50 (normal rate is $630)

20 Personal Training Sessions at 20% Off, $896 (normal rate is $1,120)
2 Months Unlimited Group Classes at 30% Off, $252 (normal rate is $360)
Holly is offering:
5% off Gift Certificate of four 1 on 1 Workouts, $247 (normal rate is $260)
10% off Gift Certificate of six 1 on 1 Workouts,  $351 (normal rate is $390)
20% off Gift Certificate of eight (or more) 1 on 1 Workouts, $416 (normal rate is $520)
30% off ‘Get Strong. Get Stoked. Get into it.’ Pack of twelve 1 on 1 Workouts and four Group Classes ($602, normal rate is $860). This will mean four 1 on 1 sessions to learn foundational movements before beginning group classes, then one full month with two 1 on 1 Workouts and one Group Class per week.
Everything is calculated from the standard rates which can be found under the Getting Started tab. All individual sessions include nutrition discussion or can be transferred into a one hour nutritional consult if they want to really dig into their nutrition deeper.
To sign up with Ed or Holly, simply make a PayPal payment to or
Give the gift of health and fitness for a loved one or a present to yourself for the Holidays or to jump start your New Years Resolution!
*This offer is limited to new members only. Valid through January 15th, 2016.

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