PlantFit PR Challenge (sign up extended to Wednesday, Nov. 18th)

PlantFit Community!

Turtle Party

As you all likely know, we were traveling Costa Rica during November and we expected we would be able to have access to email for questions, etc but we had little to none and were also caught up getting stoked on sloths, adventures and all things awesome over there. Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by a delay but we are BACK! Because of all this, we have decided to extend sign ups for the PlantFit PR Party Challenge until Wed the 18th. If you are already in it to win it, you are welcome to start/test anytime this week, including before Wednesday, we just wanted to open things up a few more days for anyone who wants to join in! Please check out the previous PR Party Post  for more info. As a Bonus, if you repost the PR Party Flyer on Instagram we will discount (or refund if you’ve already paid) you $5 on your sign ups (please remember to TAG us in the picture and hashtag #plantfitprparty so we see it too!). All proceeds will be donated to Projecto Huella which, among other social activism, saves baby turtles.
PlantFit PR Party

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