12.05.13 WOD and Programming Begins.

Hey everyone! So I will be posting my own workouts here. These will also serve as my programming for the 2014 PlantBuilt CrossFit Team scheduled to compete at the NaturallyFit Games in Austin, Texas in July 2014. Feel free to follow along as well, since this will be a source of transparency and accountability for all participating. As a strength and conditioning coach, I have access to all the bumper plates, barbells, kettlebells, squat racks, medicine balls, dumbbells, pullup bars, and rings I could ever need. I also coach TRX classes, so you may see some of those posted occasionally as well. Now if you don’t have a gym membership or access to this type of equipment, I suggest you get a gym membership or buy equipment if you want to follow along. Body weight movements can only get you so far, so don’t expect the same results if you can not perform the same work. Expect to see 5 workouts a week. My ideal schedule is 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off, repeat. So now on to the workout:

12.05.13 WOD

20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max of Barbell Snatch

I do realize I need to upload videos of me coaching the movements, but in the mean time, here is a video link I approve of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0PITbWa0eU

and one more:


then, 20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max Barbell Clean & Jerk, and a few videos:



rest 20 minutes, then, 1 mile sled drag:


Use a weight that you can keep moving.

Post results below.

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