Congratulations to Caris Rodriguez!!!

A Big Congratulations goes out to Caris Rodriguez for winning the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge!!! During the month of September, she had the biggest change in body composition. This means she gained the most muscle and lost the most fat out of over 20 people who competed in the challenge! She dropped a total of 5.71% body fat, and 6 total pounds. During September and early October, she has been training for the Columbia Gorge Marathon which happens on October 27th. She has ran up to 16 miles in one day so far, as well as PR’d her back squat at 205 LBS and her dead lift at 255 LBS!!! She is seriously showing the power of Plant-Based Whole Foods and sheer determination! Awesome work Caris!
In winning the challenge, Caris won $200 cash. Also, with everyone’s participation in the challenge, another $200 has been raised. PlantFit Training Studio has already mailed that check to Out To Pasture Sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon!
An honorable mention goes to Alex Glover, Justin Britton, Ben Leavitt, and Russel (from Blossoming Lotus) for rounding out the top 5. Nice work everyone! I am truly honored to watch your success in fitness and health, as well as your efforts to help the animals!

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