PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge

We are a hosting the PlantFit Fall Fitness Challenge. Registration is $20. The rules are simple. Get your bodyfat measured by me (Ed Bauer) or Jason Morris today, tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday. You then have until Monday, September 30th to get measured again. Who ever has the highest percentage of body composition change (body fat down, and lean muscle up) will win! The winner will receive 1/2 of the total registration fees by all registered contestants. The other 1/2 of the registration $ will be donated to Out To Pasture Sanctuary. That means, the more people who register, the higher the donation is.

So in one crisp month-long effort, you can improve your health, your strength, your flexibility, your endurance, your clothes will fit better, AND you’ll be helping all the wonderful animals at Out To Pasture. Plus if you win, you get a lump of cash to go with it. Pretty sweet deal!

Email us at plantfitpdx@gmail or call at 503.753.4279 to set up a time to get measured.

Fall Fitness Challenge

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