Closed Monday, July 29th…

Hey guys, I am heading out to Austin, Texas tomorrow at Noon for the Naturally Fit Super Show which is this weekend. I am competing with the PlantBuilt team, which is a collection of vegan athletes all competing together to make a bold statement on how well veganism can support a healthy athletic lifestyle. You can find out about us at So I will not be returning until next Monday night. That Monday also happens to be Jason’s birthday, and we all think he deserves a day of rest, as we know how much work he has been putting in to whip you all into shape.  Make sure to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and we will see you any of the days leading up to it, and the Tuesday after. Thanks all, and see you in the gym!

PlantBuilt Front Visual

You can also support our non-profit cause by purchasing a shirt at Thanks again!!!

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