Foundations Class Begins Next Monday!!!

One week from today, The February Foundations Course will begin again on Monday, February 4th at 7pm! We have 8 people almost finished with the January Foundations Course. We will get some testimonials from these class participants to give more of an insight into what these beginner classes offer. We still have room for 5 more athletes to enroll in the February course, so if you or someone you know is ready to jumpstart their fitness, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. The class works at a pace that is appropriate for all beginners in a non intimidating environment. We have two coaches so while one instructs the class, the 2nd coach can help fine tune any movements that need further instruction. You can find out more at The price is $150 for 12 classes.

PS. Also, guys we have 977 FOLLOWERS!!! we need 23 more to reach our first 1000 FOLLOWERS! Please help spread the word and get a few friends on board! We thank all of you for keeping up with us, and appreciate you all for promoting the benefits of exercise and plant based nutrition!

Update: 985, only 15 more to go!!!


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