People, things are moving along at PlantFit Training Studio. We are set up at our new location, 210 SE Madison underneath the Hawthorne Bridge. Also, Jason Morris is training here as well, so just him and I for the time being. However, we may be adding on again sometime soon. For the month of October, we are in an 800 square foot space. Come November 1st, we are removing ourselves into the next two units over. One is 880 square feet and the second is 650 square feet. These two spaces are divided and only have a small pathway connecting them. This essentially means we will have two separate rooms for training. I can host a strength and conditioning class while Jason trains an individual in the other room or vice versa. This also means we have the option of still adding in another type of class, such as yoga, boot camp, etc. This will depend on who we find as qualified candidates to host such classes. Thanks for following us. We aim to be a leader in promoting plant-based nutrition and fitness, and thank you for your commitment to these two life changing values.

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