…for such a wonderful Grand Opening! I really appreciate this community and am so excited to  assist in getting us all into better shape and better health. A huge Thank You goes out to Alison Ozgur R.D. for being such a great presenter on plant based nutrition, to Josh at for showing that tasty vegan food can build muscle and drop fat at the same time, to Brian at for having awesome smoothie and juice options that help people build muscle and overcome nutrient deficiencies, to Peter at NW Veg for bringing the projector and screen as well as some of the NW Veg crowd to support the opening, to Chad and Emiko at FoodFight for letting me build a gym in their warehouse space, to Robert Cheeke at for inspiring me to take this Vegan Fitness thing further than I could have ever imagined, to my Dad for getting me interested in weight training and nutrition in the first place, and finally to my loving partner Jade for putting up with me while I talk about gym stuff way more than anyone should.


P.S. If anyone has pictures of the event and wants to send them to, that would be awesome.

P.P.S. I have a fundraiser called KettleBells for Canines happening on Saturday February 4th. It is a fundraiser for Limited to 15 People. A facebook event will be going up soon!

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