PlantFit Grand Opening

Hey everyone,

Thanks for following me and what I have to share. January 7th, 2012 is the Grand Opening of my new business, PlantFit Training Studio in Portland, Oregon. This has been my dream for years now and it is so amazing watching it come true. This has been possible with the amazing support of Robert Cheeke and Robert has inspired me to take my physique to the next level and become a Bodybuilder. He has also endorsed me many times and there is a good chance you know of me because of him. Bodybuilding was a great experience for me and also allowed me to be a great representation of what can be done on a 100% Plant-Based diet. That means VEGAN. This way of living is about sharing compassion for all life. Not only through diet, but which businesses we support, what message we share, how we treat non human animals, and how we help one another make the best decisions for ourselves and our loved ones. I am so amazed at how many wonderful people are out there following their passion and doing so much for this compassionate lifestyle. In the mid 90’s when I first went Vegan, I never imagined such a world. In American culture where an animal has been the centerpiece of most dinner tables, this change we are living in is truly remarkable. Thanks to Portland’s community and our ability to connect with others online, I have been inspired to live out my dream.

I started in upstate New York, and later spent many years in North Carolina doing odd jobs. In my mid twenties, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I knew that my message of compassionate veganism had to be shared. I decided to make a plan… Then I had to follow through. I saved up, moved across the country to Portland. I became a vegan personal trainer, one of Portland’s very few if any at the time. Through Training, I’ve met a lot of great people, including Robert Cheeke. I’ve always been interested in bodybuilding but was too intimidated to consider it. Robert called me on it, and I decided to take the chance. I competed at the 2010 NPC BIll Pearl High Desert Classic and placed 1st in the Novice Middleweight Division. This has proven to be a life changer, and I couldn’t be more happy. I have since turned my focus to more functional fitness. You know what I mean, muscles that actually can do something besides make it hard to tie your shoe. I felt like something was missing in bodybuilding and wanted to be a more well rounded athlete. I got interested in CrossFit and have since earned my CrossFit Level 1 Cert. I now embrace these concepts in my training and very often in my programming as well. I have found that I am just as strong, stay just as lean, and have more energy, and way less low carb mood swings. My clients have seen great success as well, and seem much happier with their improvements in fitness. As I am getting ready for tomorrow’s Grand Opening, I am getting ready for my first CrossFit competition next week. I will be competing in Bend Oregon at the Oregon Games I’m excited to see where this will lead to. Push the envelope. See what you are made of. I try to live by this and that’s when life really begins. I represent one of the many facets of vegan living. The boundaries are imaginary, not actual. I don’t write often, so thank you for following. I want to thank my neighbors Chad and Emiko at for allowing me to set up shop in the Vegan Mini Mall. Thanks again Portland for supporting a New Local Vegan Business. Thank you all for spreading the word and letting animals live.


Yours in Compassion.

-Ed Bauer

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